Referee costs Arsenal points against Manchester United

Arsenal were lucky to leave Old Trafford with a draw. That much is true. Failing to turn up for the first 60+ minutes, it was only...

Arsenal get worst possible referee appointment for FA Cup game v Hull

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but Mike Dean has been appointed referee for our FA Cup match against Hull. Remember Mike...

Arsenal right to be excited by referee in charge of Chelsea game

When Arsenal played Chelsea at Stamford Bridge in October, Martin Atkinson allowed them to kick the crap out of Arsenal. Gary Cahill's early challenge on...

Referee in charge of Arsenal v Liverpool bad news for both sides

Anthony Taylor will take charge of Arsenal v Liverpool and that's not good news for anybody.

Atkinson Arsenal horror show against Sunderland highlights desperate need for change

After a poor display from Martin Atkinson in Arsenal's win over Sunderland, our resident laws-of-the-game expert, got a little bit worked up...

Proof Chelsea man should have been sent off against Arsenal

The Chelsea game on Saturday was another typical example of a referee bottling a decision. You have to ask - why do they regularly fail...

Referee not good news for Arsenal's trip to Hull

Lee Mason will take charge of Arsenal's game against Hull at the KC on Monday. The referee, who has issued fewer cards than any other...

Even two referees can't stop Arsenal - referee(s) review

So how did both the referees get on during Arsenal's game against West Ham?

Why Mike Jones deserves to be demoted after refereeing Arsenal v Leicester

Find out how did Mike Jones did even worse than we predicted during Arsenal v Leicester.

Blunder ref blunders once again as Arsenal crash out

It would be incredibly churlish of me to point at the referee as the reason Arsenal crashed out of the Champions League so I won't even though he got a number of calls wrong.

Referee performs as expected, offers Arsenal no protection against Reading

I can moan about Martin Atkinson because Arsenal won, right? As we said in our preview, Atkinson is a ref that likes to allow fouls...

Referee preview: Arsenal v Liverpool – the truth about Michael Oliver

When it was announced that Michael Oliver would be in charge of Arsenal’s opener against Liverpool, many Arsenal fans were happy, but should they really be?

Arsenal and Leicester left fuming by referee but only one is right to feel...

On Sunday afternoon, Martin Atkinson made himself, once again, one of the main talking points of a game that had so much more to...

Blunder ref to take charge of Monaco v Arsenal

Referee in charge of Arsenal's trip to Monaco has already refereed an Arsenal Champions League game...and he didn't do too well.

Referee admits seeing Drinkwater horror tackle, deemed unworthy of further action

Leicester City are said to be confident that Danny Drinkwater will not face further action from the FA after being told by Martin Atkinson...
Bas Nijhuis

Crazy referee stats from Arsenal-Ludogorets games shows diving opposition

One of the biggest frustrations of the game on Tuesday night was the constant flailing of the Ludogorets players so let's look at some stats

Arsenal handed calamity ref for Manchester City showdown

Anthony Taylor will take charge of Arsenal’s game against Manchester City on Sunday.

Missed foul on Ozil in Leicester penalty buildup explained

On Sunday afternoon, Martin Atkinson made a number of big mistakes. Since the final whistle we’ve been making a big deal of the Danny Drinkwater...

Referee tries to thwart Arsenal against QPR. Fails

How did Kevin Friend get on in charge of QPR v Arsenal?

Wenger wants referee accountability after Oliver at Tottenham

It might have been Francis Coquelin’s stupidity that saw him dismissed at Tottenham, but Michael Oliver should have levelled the numbers. He didn’t. When Eric Dier,...

Bad news for Arsenal as Mike Dean will be at Old Trafford

Arsenal fans thought they were getting a Dean-free afternoon at Old Trafford. They were wrong...

Arsenal with no Friend in referee for Swansea game

Kevin Friend takes charge of Arsenal's game against Swansea on Monday night, so what can the Gunners expect? Well, Friend last refereed an Arsenal game...
Andre Marriner

Multiple errors from ref in Arsenal v Crystal Palace game highlighted

As usual with Premier League referees they regularly bring controversies and the Arsenal v Palace game saw some errors as usual.

Arsenal's FA Cup task made harder by referee appointment

Mike Dean will take charge of Arsenal v Middlesbrough, so what can Arsenal fans expect from Sunday's referee?
Mike Dean books Shkodran Mustafi

Do Arsenal get more cards per foul – the stats

Sometimes, it feels like Arsenal don’t have to do much to pick up a card from the referee while opponents can murder at will with impunity, but is that tue?
Lee mason

Arsenal in trouble as referee for Stoke game announced

Lee Mason will take charge of Arsenal's match against Stoke at the Emirates on Saturday afternoon.

Don't expect any help from referee v West Ham - he's no Michael Oliver!

Chris Foy 'not Hoy' will take charge of Arsenal's game against West Ham at the weekend, so what can we expect?

Why Oliver was right not to award Chelsea penalty

Imagine the scene: Two players are running towards each other, fully focussed on the ball between them. At the last minute, as they prepare to make...

Referee given no chance to mess up during Newcastle v Arsenal

Mike Jones isn't a great referee but thankfully he didn't have much chance to mess up as Arsenal won at Newcastle.

Xhaka red card ref in charge of Arsenal v Burnley

Jon Moss. Do we have to?
Andre Marriner

Poor referee selected for Arsenal v Crystal Palace

Andre Marriner will take charge of Arsenal v Crystal Palace on Sunday at the Emirates and Arsenal fans will be hoping that he offers a bit more protection than he did the last time he refereed an Arsenal game.

Lee Mason: As bad as we predicted for Hull v Arsenal

Lee Mason. What can you say? We could say 'we told you so' as we called it in our preview – a referee that misses more...

Referee guaranteed to make things interesting in FA Cup final

When it was announced that Jon Moss would referee the FA Cup final, the world bounced as fans everywhere banged their heads on their...

Everything you need to know about the referee for Palace v Arsenal

Ahead of Arsenal's game against Crystal Palace in the Premier League, we take a look at the referee who will be in charge,

More bad news: Horror referee appointed to Arsenal game

Mike Dean is always the centre of attention so it might not be a bad thing he's been appointed referee for Arsenal's trip to...

Pull the other one – Mike Dean annoys Burnley fans

Just what did Mike Dean do that upset the Burnley fans? Not much, as it turns out.

Did Arsenal or Hull benefit more from Mike Dean’s bad calls?

Mike Dean took charge of his first Arsenal game since the Chelsea debacle, and while he wasn’t quite so spectacularly awful, he was bad...
Mark Clattenburg books Theo Walcott

Referee considering quitting UK in wake of Arsenal v Hull scrutiny

Mark Clattenburg could quit the UK because of the intense scrutiny that referees apparently come under according to an exclusive in today’s Daily Mail.

Arsenal face referee struggle against Reading

Martin Atkinson will take charge of Arsenal's semi-final game against Reading at Wembley on Saturday. The ref, who hails from West Yorkshire, is not a favourite...

Why Arsenal and Aston Villa should both worry about Sunday’s referee

Anthony Taylor will take charge of Arsenal v Aston Villa at the Emirates on Sunday. His track record is not a good one.