Days after we got our first details for the 2021-22 Arsenal home and away kits, we now have some early information on the third kit.

Illustrative graphic of Arsenal 2021-22 Third Kit via
Illustrative graphic of Arsenal 2021-22 Third Kit via

FootyHeadlines that the primary colour of the new Arsenal third kit will be blue – specifically ‘mystery blue’. They predict this could be combined with red and white as in the above illustrative graphic, but there’s no confirmation of that right now.

One other interesting detail is that FootyHeadlines expect the Adidas logo to be two-coloured. They also expect it to have a look inspired by the 1990s, based on leaks for other club Adidas shirts next season.

The kit will launch around August 2021, making it the last of the three to release.

We already have some details of the home kit, expected to be scarlet red mixed with mystery blue, which probably explains why FootyHeadlines are confident the third kit will use a similar colour scheme in reverse.

The home strip will come out in July or earlier, according to that report. It’s possible Arsenal release at least one of their kits before the current season ends, like they did at the end of the last campaign, though those were circumstances out of the ordinary.

Then we also have information on the away kit, which should be a light yellow or ‘pearl citrine’. There’s a suggestion it could use the Arsenal cannon instead of the current badge, and it should come out in July.

So it looks like we now know the colour scheme of all three kits, red (scarlet), yellow (pearl citrine) and blue (mystery blue). I doubt there will be many complaints about that, given it’s in keeping with many of Arsenal’s shirts in recent decades.