Arsenal could only manage a draw against Manchester United on Wednesday, despite taking the lead twice at Old Trafford in an injury-filled controversy-ridden encounter.

Some described the match as a ‘proper Arsenal-Manchester United clash’ afterwards, but in all honesty, it was more like a classic game against Stoke City. Arsenal players went down all game thanks to rough and sometimes dangerous challenges, leading to two first-half injuries.

Marcos Rojo should certainly have been sent off for any number of second-yellow-worthy fouls, Marouane Fellaini bizarrely avoided any kind of card after pulling Matteo Guendouzi’s hair, and United’s first goal should have been disallowed for offside.

The fans booed Guendouzi for getting injured and the main tactic employed by the home side was crossing it in and playing long balls. It was your standard Arsenal encounter against Stoke.

Nonetheless, Unai Emery’s side managed to at least take a point, gaining on Chelsea and leaving United eight points behind. Let’s have a look at our individual player ratings for the match.

2Midfield and Wing-Backs

Hector Bellerin 6

Bellerin had a quiet night, particularly offensively, as the vast majority of Arsenal’s attacks came down the left-hand side. He didn’t get involved much at the back either, failing to make any interceptions or contest any tackles, and he made just one clearance.

Lucas Torreira 7.5

By contrast, Torreira had another busy night, though not as impressive as his efforts at the weekend. He set up Arsenal’s first goal from a corner, used his possession well, and he won the ball back a number of times as usual.

Matteo Guendouzi 6.5

Guendouzi’s performance divided opinion, with some very impressed with his confidence and his forward-thinking approach, whilst others thought he took too many risks. The reality is probably that both things were true to an extent.

The Frenchman saw more of the ball than any other Arsenal player, and he distributed it very effectively. However, he was also dispossessed four times, a game-high total.

Sead Kolasinac 6

Kolasinac got forward very well once again, and he created three chances, more than anyone else on the team. He probably should’ve created even more than he did, given the fantastic positions he found himself in all night.

At the same time, he was at fault for Manchester United’s second goal. It was his poor touch and then a mix of indecision and poor communication that directly resulted in Lingard stealing in for the finish.

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