John Lydon aka Johnny Rotten would rather drop a League than have Arsene Wenger continue managing Arsenal.

The lifelong Arsenal fan who grew up in Finsbury Park recently spoke to Gigwise and vented his frustration at the Frenchman still being in charge of the club.

“He’s been there so long now that there seems to be no way of getting rid of him. He’s so deeply embedded and entrenched in the bureaucracy of the club that it seems impossible to pull him out of there,” Lydon said.

“I’d rather drop a league than continue with him. It’s mediocre and it’s unfair to us fans. I’m Arsenal for life and as far as I’m concerned managers can come and go, just like them superstar players who demand too much money. F**k ‘em all! Remember: it’s a game but it’s a game to be enjoyed and that’s been missing for a few years over there.”

Lydon’s comments don’t exactly come as a shock. Firstly, they come off the back of a 5-1 loss to Bayern Munich at home, the second of the season, and secondly, he’s been anti-Wenger for a while.

Back in September 2015, the musician spoke to Arsenal Fan TV, saying that enough is enough and even claimed he’d “get the bazookas out” if the Gunners rolled over against Spurs.

“I’ve had enough of that. It’s nonsense,” he said. “You can’t keep repeating the same errors over and over again. You can’t be taking those humiliating, ridiculous defeats from what is allegedly your competition…and consistently do nothing about it.”

Lydon has a particularly strong way of voicing his opinion, that’s who he is. However, while many Arsenal fans probably agree that the club needs a change of manager this summer, it’s doubtful that everyone of them would prefer to drop a League than have him at the club.