The FA created the FA Girls Youth Cup final back in 2011/12 and the Arsenal Ladies Centre Of Excellence U17 team has been very successful by reaching the final in seasons 2011/12, 2012/13 and 2014/15.

Here we are looking at the players who played in this final and where they are now, (when their whereabouts are known to us)

Season 2011/12 Cup runner-ups (lost on penalties) v Chelsea

Rebecca Bull (GK), Molly Bartrip,  Jade Bailey , Emily Auld , Billie Brooks , Rebecca Danbridge, Frances Steele, Carla Humphrey , Magda Mosengo,  Amber Gaylor, Lauren Haynes, Charlotte Crisp, Alice Rayner (GK), Anne Meiwald, Shadai Miller, Vyan Sampson , Femi Elisery, Leah Williamson.

Season 2012/13 Cup winners v Blackburn

Rebecca Bull (GK) , Molly Bartrip, Phillipa Cowley, Asia Harbour-Brown, Kelsey Barron, Leah Williamson,  Frances Steele, Carla Humphrey, Adekite Fatuga , Abigail Mills, Emma Slater,  Sophie Perrin, Nicole Melling, Sandy Abi-Elias, Chloe Shaw-Salmon, Vyan Sampson , Alysha Stojko-Down, Taome Oliver.

Season 2014/15 in the cup final v Aston Villa

Ana Albuquerque, Tinaya Alexander, Georgia Allen, Shona Allen (GK), Paige Gailey-Bayle, Chloe Brunton-Wilde, Rianna Dean, Charlotte Devlin, Jessica Driscoll, Anna Filbey, Florence Fyfe, Holly Greenwood, Taylor Hinds, Laura Hooper, Emma Kelly (GK), Lucy Parker, Anna Patten, Chiara Ritchie-Williams, Rachel Woods, Lotte Wubben-Moy.

So out of the two older squads, the following players are still in the FA elite pathway :

FA WSL 1 (Arsenal): Jade Bailey, Carla Humphrey, Vyan Sampson, Leah Williamson, Taome Oliver.

FA WSL 1 (others): Anne Meiwald.

FA WSL 2: Rebecca Bull, Molly Bartrip, Billie Brooks, Amber Gaylor.

FA WSL Development League (Arsenal): Frances Steele, Phillipa Cowley, Asia Harbour-Brown, Adekite Fatuga, Abigail Mills, Alysha-Stojko-Down, Emma Slater.

FA WSL Development League (others) : Rebecca Danbridge, Femi Elisery.

US university : Emily Auld.