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    Here at Daily Cannon we have big plans.

    We’ve tried various ways of funding those, including going down the transfer nonsense/lots of clicks route, but we ended up hating ourselves and driving away readers who have been with the site since it began in 2008 as LadyArse.

    Back then, it was just one person dishing up a daily blog. Now, we’ve grown to a team of writers and designers, all of whom get paid just about enough so they can live on soup. It also costs a lot to run a server that can handle large volumes of traffic, so between all that, we need to bring in thousands of pounds each month to keep going.

    Over the years, we’ve been offered advertising deals that would have netted us quite a lot of cash but we felt they were too intrusive and said no. But the truth is, if we want to achieve our goals, we need to bring in more money. We aren’t looking for you guys to support us so we can live a life of luxury, we want to work harder to bring you even more in-depth articles about the things that matter to you, the Arsenal fan.

    We’ve been talking about this behind the scenes for ages now with the aim of having something in place for the start of this season. There are a few ways we can increase money to pay people who work long hours here:

    1. More gossip and nonsense (we tried this, we don’t like it and neither do you)
    2. Lots of intrusive advertising
    3. You guys help us out on a regular basis

    We’d love to make number three work, because the reality is that all that’s left is number two. A number two is never pleasant.

    If you’d like to help us get back to what really matters, producing content that resonates rather than makes you roll your eyes, then please consider becoming a supporter.

    You don’t have to donate much and we’ve set up rewards for those who are able to help out a little bit more.

    We promise, we will make it worth every penny…