Daily Cannon TV has arrived!

Do you watch Arsenal Fan TV and despair? Do you wish there was an outlet for fans who don’t just scream stuff at a camera and can’t make it to games? One for Global Gooners everywhere?

Well here is your chance.

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Here at Daily Cannon we know that Arsenal fans aren’t just restricted to those found outside the Emirates and that Gooners all over the world deserve to have their voices heard.

Now, you can record your own video and send it to us. We will then compile them into a roundup. We might even use it as the basis for editorial.

We don’t mind if you’re angry, but be rational. We don’t want abuse and nothing abusive will be published

We want to hear from the rational, passionate Arsenal fans out there who are ignored because they are viewed as not sensational enough.

We want to hear from you and the writers here at Daily Cannon have also promised to get involved, so you won’t be on your own. We will be gathering views before and after matches and on a variety of topics fans seem to be talking about.

All you have to do is hit ‘RECORD VIDEO,’ say your piece, and we will take care of the rest. Please also include your name so we can add it to the finished videos and your topic to help us sort stuff at our end. We ask for your Twitter handle and email so we can let you know when we use your video. If you aren’t on Twitter just enter ‘none’.

These details will never be shared with anyone.

The system is all optimised to work best with your phone video camera, but it will work with PCs and tablets too. You can also upload a video via your desktop.

Let’s do this – record your video now!

[All videos will be uploaded to our YouTube account, so make sure you subscribe]