Helen Trantum

Helen is a season ticket holder with a desperate addiction to both chocolate and the Arsenal. It's really just a question of which kills her first! Since making the (near) fatal mistake of setting up home with a Tottenham season ticket holder, life has become much more complicated. She finds solace by writing for Daily Cannon and cleansing herself of all traces of Spurs on Twitter @nellypop13.
SINGAPORE - JULY 28: Unai Emery head coach of Arsenal smiles during the International Champions Cup match between Arsenal and Paris Saint Germain at the National Stadium on July 28, 2018 in Singapore. (Photo by Thananuwat Srirasant/Getty Images for ICC)

Walking into the unknown at Arsenal: What can we expect against Manchester City?

In just a few short hours, the Arsenal stadium announcer will engage in familiar matchday patter, enthusing that football is back in North London and encouraging us to enjoy the game. Yet I’ve never felt less sure of what to expect from a matchday at the Emirates.
tomas rosicky

Tomas Rosicky: One of Arsenal’s greatest number 7s

Born in Prague on 4th October 1980, Tomas Rosicky had football in his blood.
(L) of Muenchen and of Arsenal battle for the ball during the UEFA Champions League Round of 16 first leg match between FC Bayern Muenchen and Arsenal FC at Allianz Arena on February 15, 2017 in Munich, Germany.

Why Mesut Ozil is the perfect poster child for Arsenal

If we, as a fanbase, don’t know what we want for our club then surely Mesut Ozil is the perfect poster child.

Do Arsenal owe fans what they are demanding?

That was the question posed in this month’s editorial meeting, but the more I thought about it, the more I felt that, never mind the answer, there was a problem with the question itself.

He's a proactive powerhouse! Arsenal new boy makes lasting impression

It was hard to know how to feel when we signed Seas Kolasinac but now that I've seen him play...

Preseason promise: 17-year-old shows Arsenal quality

Every year, pre-season offers an opportunity to some of our youngsters.

Why Lacazette reminds us of our love-hate relationship with the transfer window

If I followed up every rumour, it'd be a full time job in itself. That's why Daily Cannon has people to do it for us, so we can see all the rubbish in one place with the truth about the rumour laid bare.
Theo Walcott

Out you go: Impossible to argue this player should remain in Arsenal starting lineup

As an avowed Theo Walcott fangirl, it breaks my heart to be writing this column.
David Ospina

Ode to Ospina

It looks like Dave's time at Arsenal is coming to an end, so in his honour...
Wojciech Szczesny

Why Arsenal would be crazy to sell this 27-year-old who could become club legend

Arsenal's goalkeeping situation has been the subject of debate for many seasons now, so what is really going on?

How Arsene Wenger can be the difference for players with no Champions League to...

Can Arsenal attract the top players we need without Champions League football?

Why Arsenal fans need to leave the protests at home against Chelsea

Arsenal fans are planning to protest against Stan Kroenke at the FA Cup final, but shouldn't this be one day when we put all that aside and get behind the team 100%?

Why Arsenal are struggling to sell cup final tickets against Chelsea

Arsenal are struggling to sell their allocation of FA Cup final tickets, but why?

Why Arsenal are lucky to still have a chance of Champions League football

Going into the final round of matches relying on favours from other teams is never a good place to be. For all our flirtations with Europa League football over the years, we've very rarely left our destiny in the hands of others.
wembley stadium

Why Arsenal should withold Cup Final tickets from fans who waste their season tickets

Season ticket holders have a contribution to make to Arsenal Football Club, a duty, if you will. But it’s twofold. Obviously we have to make a financial contribution – that’s the price you pay for access to a regular matchday ticket. But we also have a duty to support the team by actually using that matchday ticket, whether with our own backside or someone else’s.

How Nacho Monreal and Kieran Gibbs cover each other's flaws perfectly

Q: How do you keep two left backs happy? A: Change to a back three so you can play one of them at left centre half and the other at left wing back.

How Arsenal can still have a more successful season than Tottenham

The thing with success, is you start to take it for granted. At Arsenal, we might argue about the importance of each, but we largely define success in three ways: trophies, Champions League football, and finishing above Spurs.

Win the FA Cup and Wenger stays or lose so he goes? What do...

Let’s assume that you want Arsene Wenger to leave Arsenal this summer.

How Arsenal can still have a more successful season than Tottenham

The thing with success, is you start to take it for granted. At Arsenal, we might argue about the importance of each, but we largely define success in three ways: trophies, Champions League football, and finishing above Spurs.

Protests and Priorities: Why Arsenal fans need to grow up

Some Arsenal fans are planning a 'Wenger Out' protest for Wembley, while others are encouraging them. Helen Trantum explains why it's time to shut up, grow up, and get behind your team.

Arsenal have Petr Cech replacement lined up for next season

We've heard a lot about Arsenal needing a new keeper, but don't they already have one? It can be hard to tell a great goalkeeper...

Why mammoth change is not what’s needed at Arsenal

Arsenal are facing an unprecedented situation with many players out of contract at the same time in 2018. What's going on?

Why everything you think about Theo Walcott is wrong

He's been at Arsenal ten years, yet for most of his club career, it would have been unthinkable for Theo Walcott to lead an Arsenal XI onto the pitch in a competitive match.
Helen Trantum column

Dear Daily Cannon: Arsenal’s festering form is costing me my identity

Throughout his Arsenal tenure, Arsene Wenger has been very good at stopping the rot. Whenever we've lost a game, or perhaps two in a row, that's generally as far as it goes. Very rarely is a bad run allowed to fester
Helen Trantum column

3 reasons Arsenal need to dump David Ospina

David Opsina makes a lot of high-profile errors, but those aren't the ones that are most concerning
Helen Trantum column

'Make or break' time for Arsenal against West Brom

If Arsenal can take the feel good feeling from last weekend, and turn it into a great first half against the Baggies, that confidence could come flowing back.
Helen Trantum column

Arsenal are listening to fans - they just don't agree with them

Arsenal are listening to fans - they just don't agree with them

Reasons to be cheerful after Arsenal’s Bayern battering

I also thought it'd be fun to look at some of the (tiny, invisible, ignored by the mainstream media) positives of Arsenal's defeat to Bayern

In defence of Arsene Wenger and Arsenal v Bayern Munich

We don't need to take a game out of context and use it as a stick to beat Wenger with. The truth is - there's plenty enough live ammunition from previous games. There's no need to fire Bayern blanks in his direction too.
Helen Trantum column

Would you rather sell Mesut Ozil or Alexis Sanchez?

Would you rather sell Mesut Ozil or Alexis Sanchez?
Helen Trantum column

All change at Arsenal - but what should that change look like?

For Arsenal, change is all anyone talks about at the moment. The question is, what do we want to achieve? And moreover, what should that change look like?
Helen Trantum column

Maybe it's time for Arsene to go, but not because of Bayern Munich

Should Arsene go? I don’t even know what to think any more.
Helen Trantum column

Arsenal have Petr Cech replacement lined up for next season

As the debate rages over who should replace Petr Cech in Arsenal's goal, Helen Trantum looks at how the club already have his replacement
Helen Trantum column

The psychology behind Arsenal's Watford woes

Sports psychologists are all the rage, and for good reason.
Helen Trantum column

Why doesn't Petr Cech save penalties for Arsenal?

Referees give a lot of penalties against Arsenal, but why doesn't Petr Cech save any of them?
Helen Trantum column

A tale of eleven Arsenal contracts

Arsenal are facing an unprecedented situation with many players out of contract at the same time in 2018. What's going on?
Helen Trantum column

Arsenal transfer raids put aside in favour of retention strategy

New signings aren't the answer, old players signing new deal is
Helen Trantum column

Why Arsenal players need to be frustrated like Alexis Sanchez

You may have heard about type A personalities.

Arsenal v Crystal Palace – A turgid affair fit for Sunday league standard

Ever feel like we're playing the same game of football over and over?
Helen Trantum column

How Granit Xhaka can lead Arsenal forward

Who sets the tempo of Arsenal’s play?
Helen Trantum column

Wenger’s House of Cards

“Be careful what you wish for.”
Helen Trantum column

Arsenal’s mentality of champions – a work in progress?

We talk a lot about mentality as a key component of great sides.
Helen Trantum column

Lies, Statistics & Petr Cech

You’ve probably heard of xG models.
Helen Trantum column

Margin for error: The solution to Arsenal’s injury woes

Professional athletes get injured a lot.
Helen Trantum column

Hector Bellerin: The boy who has become everything

How do you choose the name that adorns your Arsenal shirt?
Helen Trantum column

Jose Mourinho: The Anti-Arsene

Twenty years is a long time.
Helen Trantum column

Why hated Manchester United manager is key to Arsenal's season

At the start of the season, all the noise was about Pep Guardiola.
Helen Trantum column

How Arsenal learned vital lessons from Fabregas and Wilshere to save Alex Iwobi

Have Arsenal learned the lessons from overplaying youngsters?

Why Jack Wilshere is breaking hearts at Arsenal and Bournemouth

Jack Wilsere may have exchanged his frantic London life for a more relaxed seaside adventure, but reports emerged this weekend that his move has caused angst both back at Arsenal and down at Bournemouth.
David Ospina

Why Wenger is wrong to insist this Arsenal man is 'world class'

Earlier this week, Arsene Wenger claimed that he has two world class keepers in Petr Cech and David Ospina. Our resident goalkeeping expert, Helen Trantum, disagrees.
Helen Trantum column

Long read: This is how we solve Arsenal's empty seat problem

Why does the Emirates rarely look full?
Helen Trantum column

Long read: How Arsenal can win first title in 12 years

Sometimes your destiny is in your own hands, or at very least materially so.
Helen Trantum column

Why Hector Bellerin would be a massive loss for Arsenal

Stephen Bradley wrote a fascinating column yesterday.
Helen Trantum column

Blame me, Arsenal, blame me

First of all, I owe you an apology. In fact, I owe you a couple. In writing last week’s column on the beautiful football of our...
Helen Trantum columnvideo

It's time to be honest - Arsenal's football has been rubbish

Whisper it, but Arsenal haven’t been playing the most beautiful football.

20 minute read for Arsene Wenger’s 20 years

There is a generation of Arsenal fans who have known no other, so what, exactly, has Arsene Wenger done in his 20 years at the club?
Helen Trantum column

Has Arsenal v Chelsea lost its spark without Jose Mourinho?

"Remember who you are, what you are, and who you represent."

Long read - Assessing Arsene Wenger's 20 years as Arsenal manager

There is a generation of Arsenal fans who have known no other, so what, exactly, has Arsene Wenger done in his 20 years at the club?
Helen Trantum column

Why Tottenham can only dream of emulating Arsenal

Tottenham are at least a decade behind Arsenal.

Once upon a time - a tale of Manchester United manager's obsession with Arsene...

Once upon a time, Jose Mourinho's full-on obsession
Helen Trantum column

Have we reached 'peak Theo' a decade after he left Southampton?

What have you achieved in the last ten years?
Helen Trantum column

What makes an Arsenal legend and what rules you out?

Is the term 'legend' too readily used in modern football?

Who had the better transfer window - Arsenal or Tottenham?

We look at how our transfer window compares to that of our rivals. First up: Tottenham Hotspur.
Helen Trantum column

Long read: Why Wenger was right

Shipping four goals is never, ever, excusable but Arsene Wenger was right to not play Laurent Koscielny against Liverpool.

Player focus: Walcott shows his Sunday best v Liverpool

It's not been a year to remember for Theo Walcott.
Helen Trantum column

Long read: Why nothing beats an Arsenal matchday

For every fan that gets to go to every game, there are a hundred more that will never have that chance, so I thought I'd use this week's column to describe what a matchday in the life of Helen looks like, in an effort to share the experience.
Helen Trantum column

Why Arsenal man's Serie A move is good for Gunners

The observant among you will know I’m a big Wojciech Szczesny fan.
Helen Trantum column

Arsenal's transfer clock is ticking

I left home over four years ago.
Helen Trantum column

Is this Theo Walcott's last chance at Arsenal?

Our striking options are looking a tad threadbare.
Helen Trantum column

Reasons to be proud of Arsenal and football in a messed up world

I’m lost without football. Each summer, I spend three months in purgatory, with the solace of international matches and pre-season friendly barely the slightest comfort,...
Helen Trantum column

Arsenal need to get shopping, but which club is winning the trolley dash?

You cannot afford to stand still, even if you win the league. You could argue that it’s a theory created by fans who simply always...
Helen Trantum column

Tony Adams in, Arsene Wenger out?

Mr Arsenal is home, but is he home for good?
Helen Trantum column

Can we have a referendum on Arsene Wenger?

I saw a tweet today which suggested the correlation between AKB and Remain / WOB and Leave were probably pretty strong, and while that's a sizeable jump, it did get me thinking about the similarities between the Brexit fallout and the divisions in our fanbase.
Helen Trantum column

Why supporting England makes Arsenal fans feel dirty

Would you rather Arsenal win the Champions League or England win the World Cup?
Helen Trantum column

Why this Arsenal man needs to prove himself at Euro 2016

Strikers are judged on how many goals they score.

Granit Xhaka – destroying Arsenal’s pansy reputation

If we successfully convince everyone that we have a destroyer who will take everything they throw at us and return it twice as hard, maybe we won't even need a destroyer after all.
Helen Trantum column

Why Alexis still has to prove he deserves Arsenal's number 7 shirt

With this week’s announcement that there’s a new number 7 on the block, I couldn’t help thinking that it’s a good job Alexis’ move came this summer rather than last, for if it had been announced pre-publication, we’d have had to reconsider our list for our Greatest Number 7s book..
Helen Trantum column

Why Arsenal fans are right to celebrate St Totteringham's Day

Is finishing above Spurs like winning a competition? Is it better?

Twists, turns, disappointment: the five defining moments of Arsenal's season

Most seasons turn on just a few brief moments: here are the 2015-16 versions we've pulled out.
Helen Trantum column

Manchester City fans show Arsenal fans how to be angry

Can you fall out of love with football?
Helen Trantum column

Why Fabregas will never be forgiven for abandoning Arsenal

I don’t think I'll ever get closer to forgiving Fabregas for abandoning my club than Monday night.

The Arsenal protest proved what fans really think and a media agenda

As Saturday's protest was drowned out, Arsenal fans proved the media wrong.
Helen Trantum column

Are Arsenal fans making things worse for the club?

In the face of adversity, do you favour fight or flight?
Helen Trantum column

Comparing Leicester and Arsenal's Invincibles

If you believe the press, Leicester City are the best side ever to play in the Premier League. Of course, we all know that the real best side ever to play in the Premier League is our very own Invincibles, achieving a feat that none has even come close to since.
Helen Trantum column

Is this why Theo Walcott has been rubbish this season?

Helen Trantum tries to understand if Arsenal's lack of players combinations lies at heart of many poor performances this season.
Helen Trantum column

Why the first goal really does count for Arsenal against West Ham

With Leicester still to entertain Bilic’s men, three points for Arsenal against a team punching well above their weight could be one of the critical stepping stones towards a title or a 23rd consecutive finish above our neighbours. To do so Arsenal will need to learn the lessons of their opening day defeat.
LONDON, ENGLAND - AUGUST 02: Alex Iwobi of Arsenal celebrates his team's 1-0 win in the FA Community Shield match between Chelsea and Arsenal at Wembley Stadium on August 2, 2015 in London, England. (Photo by Mike Hewitt/Getty Images)

Player focus: Alex Iwobi does it again

We've all heard the saying "one swallow does not a summer make" and in footballing terms it can be termed as "one season does not a superstar make."
Helen Trantum column

Will Everton be Arsenal’s moment of truth?

I’m a (very) bad loser. Whether I’m playing or supporting, there’s something inside of me that just outright rejects the idea of coming off second...
Helen Trantum column

Why my Spurs fiancé adores me being in love with Arsenal

Prejudice is a funny thing. I read Nia's article earlier this week on International Women's Day about the difficulties she faces in establishing her credentials...
Helen Trantum column

Tottenham clash is Arsenal's moment - will it be triumph or train wreck?

Football is a game of small margins. When Bobby Madley decided that throttling Mesut Ozil wasn’t even a challenge worthy of a free-kick, he effectively...
Helen Trantum column

Arsène’s Wenger's biggest challenge against Manchester United

Momentum can be, well, momentous in football. When the Invincibles lost to United (or should I say: “were Mike Rileyed* at United”?) it triggered a...

Arsenal fans optimistic ahead of Barca game

MSN are going to tear Arsenal a new one. That's if you believe the press anyway. There's been lots of hype around Barcelona's attacking threat,...

Poll: Which Arsenal player worries Barca the most?

Arsenal are allowed to attack. All the talk this week has been of Barca's menace but little credence has been given to our own forward...

Poll: Messi remains the man for Arsenal to master

Barcelona have possibly the best front three in the world. Obviously none of them are a patch on Yaya Sanogo, but we thought it would...

Insider view: Q&A with expert Barcelona fans

Arsenal face European champions Barcelona on Tuesday night, so we sat down with renowned website Total Barca to get the inside track on the...
Helen Trantum column

Arsenal have another problem, not just ticket prices

Should Arsenal sell the seats of season ticket holders who repeatedly turn up late or don't turn up at all? Helen Trantum thinks so. Read...

Arsenal need to use this big game player more through tough run

I'm a self-confessed Theo Walcott fan. This won't surprise regular readers of Daily Cannon, as it's quite often a subject of debate between myself and...
Helen Trantum column

Why Arsenal fans need to stop arguing about ticket prices

I don’t care about ticket prices. There, I said it. I mean: obviously I do care, since I spend more per year on Arsenal than any...

How Arsenal can beat Leicester

Unexpected. That's right, it's 9pm GMT on a Wednesday and instead of the usual musings of Mr. Paul Williams, you've opened up today's column to...

Héctor Bellerín just gets better and better

How good can Héctor Bellerín become? Right now our young fullback is just 20 years of age, yet he’s already packed the bags of a...
Helen Trantum column

Substance over style, it doesn't matter how you win

Nine years. I don't know about you but I was thoroughly sick and tired of hearing that incessant refrain right up until 17th May 2014....

Pre-Burnley Player Focus: Theo Walcott

Burnley is a massive game for one T J Walcott. Desperately out of sorts and out of form, our English forward only remained on the...
Helen Trantum column

In Defence of Theo Walcott

Our number 14 is in terrible form. I wanted to get that out of the way early on, if only so that I can’t be...

Cech joining Chelsea and not Arsenal was a blessing in disguise

Arsene Wenger has tried to sign Petr Cech on three occasions. The first time, when Cech was just 19, was thwarted by work permit issues....

Player Focus: How Petr Cech can prove Chelsea wrong

Twelve to fifteen points. That’s what Petr Cech would be worth to us this season according to a man who would know (on this subject...
Helen Trantum column

Why Cech deserves better reception than Fabregas against Chelsea

It's funny how a player moving clubs can offend your sensibilities. This weekend, two excellent footballers face their former clubs, each on the opposing team...

Stoke, Manchester United and Chelsea among worst grounds for Arsenal to visit

Much has been made recently of Arsenal’s record at Stoke. We’ve faced them in the league eight times since they were promoted to the top...

Arsenal forward must deliver after reaching milestone

Today marks 10 years since Theo Walcott signed for Arsenal. I've long made no secret of my admiration for Walcott; certainly he has been the...

Player Focus: Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain – the good, the bad and the ugly

“I don’t know if I’m more worried cause Mesut is injured or cause Ox is starting.” So said Daily Cannon’s own graphics guru Anita Sambol...
Helen Trantum column

Aaron Ramsey: Problem solver or problem creator?

Rambo is in red hot form. Two goals and an assist in the last two games are evidence of how he's found his way back...

Why Arsenal fans shouldn't overreact over bad results

What does it take to be Premier League champions? When Arsenal skipped off into the sunset last weekend with three barely deserved points in the...
Helen Trantum column

Mourinho never understood Wenger's greatness - now he's paying the price

Legacy (n.) something handed down or received from a predecessor. With the exciting news that Jose Mourinho has finally been sacked from his position at...
Helen Trantum column

Could Louis van Gaal be making Wenger look like a minor deity?

Arsene Wenger isn’t perfect. He’s stubborn, he has a penchant for a gamble and he sometimes puts too much faith in players who then let...

Will the curse of Arsenal’s third kit strike again against Olympiacos?

Magic doesn't exist. I know that's hard to take, and probably not one to share with any kids you might own/disown at a time when...

Player focus: Arsenal forward leaves Sunderland and Tottenham Hotspurs' star looking foolish

Joel Campbell has had something of a topsy turvy few games. Against Dinamo Zagreb he was a live wire, making one very smart assist and...
Helen Trantum column

How should Arsenal deal with defender?

There’s only been one word on everyone’s lips this week at Cannon Towers this week: injuries. We spent approximately three times as long discussing that...
Helen Trantum column

Small steps for Joel Campbell, but can he make a giant leap?

There’s a Chinese proverb which applies quite aptly to Joel Campbell. “Be not afraid of going slowly. Be afraid only of standing still.” Arsenal sign a...
Helen Trantum column

Why Arsenal must beat West Brom's New Orc Army

I have a special relationship with Stoke City Football Club. No, not that kind of special relationship! Quite the opposite in fact. Every time we face...
Helen Trantum column

With injury concerns mounting, Arsenal are doing brilliantly

Don't ask me how I found a Manchester City fan in London. Suffice to say I did, and earlier this week we had some banter...

Are Tottenham Arsenal Mark II?

Sunday’s fixture is destined to be a firecracker, and not only because of the football. In some ways, it will be a game of ‘Arsenal...
Helen Trantum column

Wenger is everything Mourinho could never be

Should you be judged by what you achieve or what you leave behind? Arsène Wenger has won quite a few pots in his nigh on...

Player focus: Ozil delivers insane performance against Everton

Confidence will do wonderful things for a player. There was one moment in the second half of the game against Everton which perfectly encapsulated the...

Player focus: Coquelin bosses it with class against Everton

At what point does Francis Coquelin start to be described as world class? On a day when a man most would deem worthy of that description...

Why Guardiola should not be next Arsenal manager

Boring. That's what Pep Guardiola said earlier this week about staying at the same club for 20 years. There is increasing speculation that Arsene's departure is...

Bellerin’s torrid first half is a good sign

The first half against Bayern was a reminder of Hector Bellerin's Champions League debut to forget. In a game where Arsenal were very much second...
Helen Trantum column

Arsenal’s Bayern show could send the wrong message

Tuesday's game is a big one. And big Champions League nights are always great experiences, even when a poor result tarnishes the overall enjoyment. I'll be...
Helen Trantum column

Bayern looming, but Watford game needs full focus

My history* teacher at school used to have a saying. (*sorry, I know I sound like a Liverpool fan banging on about history. I promise...

Why Bayern Munich ticket price protest at Arsenal is hypocritical

Bayern Munich are off on their high horse again. On a day where Arsenal’s ticket pricing has – again – come under huge scrutiny, a...
Helen Trantum column

Arsene Wenger is worth ten of Jose Mourinho

  This is an Arsenal column. As such, I try not to write too much about Chelsea and in particular their tramp in a tracksuit manager....

Player focus: Mesut masterclass v Manchester United

Mesut Ozil frequently runs games; he conducts them. It's usually through simple, often underrated, moments that change the course of a particular play, but against...
Helen Trantum column

Arsenal's swinging ship, and why it is sinking

Sometimes you can’t have your cake and eat it. We want our full-backs to be defensively minded players who prioritise keeping clean sheets above all...

Why Arsenal can win the league

We don't have to do well to win the league. We just have to do better than everyone else, and that looks increasingly straightforward. It's a...
Helen Trantum column

Arsenal fans overreact over Debuchy's performance against Tottenham Hotspur

I have a confession to make. I didn’t watch the season’s first clash with our noisy neighbours live – in fact, I didn’t even watch...

Why it always matters against Tottenham

It may only be the Capital One Cup, but this week's game takes on a new level of importance for one reason. It's against Spurs. My...
Helen Trantum column

Gabriel could be key to Arsenal beating Chelsea

Per Mertesacker is close to fitness again, but should he return straight into the Arsenal side? Our German beanpole offers height and anticipation, and of...

Arsenal must start Walcott against Chelsea

Theo Walcott must start against Chelsea; of that there is no doubt. On this week's Daily Cannon podcast, Stephen and Matthew had quite an entertaining...
Helen Trantum column

Injury to Manchester United’s Shaw shows we haven’t learned from Ramsey assault

I don't care if you get the ball. That should be the stance when players go in for challenges which even if they win them...

The secret solution to Arsenal’s corner conundrum

Here’s a conundrum for you. In Theo Walcott, Arsenal hold the registration of the player officially crowned as the fastest footballer on FIFA 16. He can...
Helen Trantum column

Who will be Stoke City's villain on Saturday against Arsenal?

Earlier this year, I got into something of slanging match with a Stoke fan. The subject in question was whether Charlie Adam is a thug...
Helen Trantum column

Arsenal have bigger issues than Category A pricing

Ticket pricing is always an emotive issue. It's easy to reminisce about the days when the cost of attending a game was less than it...
Helen Trantum column

Have Arsenal behaved disgracefully over Welbeck’s injury?

Something only we know. Paul will probably murder me for not only knowing, but quoting and bastardising a lyric from a song by Keane. Or,...
Helen Trantum column

Should Arsenal sacrifice Champions League success for Premier League glory?

Second place. That's the fate that apparently awaits Arsenal in Group F of this year's Champions League after drawing the mighty Bayern Munich, and the...

Are Arsenal losing the transfer window? Does it matter?

Ten years. That’s the millstone still hanging about our neck, denoting the last time Arsenal won the league title, and it’s a statistic I know...

What Arsenal fans need to learn from Liverpool and Tottenham

You cannot replace one top quality player with an amalgamation of mediocre ones. That's the lesson Liverpool have failed to learn from top six bedfellows...

Why Ozil will always be underrated

I don’t often agree with Jose Mourinho. I doubt I’m alone in that, and to be honest it’s something of a standard that I apply...
Helen Trantum column

Why are Arsenal underusing their most dangerous weapon?

Arsenal’s record on the opening day of the season leaves something to be desired. In fact, since we moved to the Emirates we have won...
Helen Trantum column

Arsenal find solution to midfield issues

Our need for a new “DM” since 2008 have become the stuff of legend. Since Flamini ran his contract down and some Arsenal fans were...

Player Focus: Francis Coquelin’s steel

Coquelin was steely and determined against Chelsea, while keeping Hazard under the thumb for most of the match.

Roma adventure mustn’t spell Cechmate for Szczesny

by Helen Trantum Petr Cech is a fantastic signing. I know you're all with me on this one at least. A sense of slight disbelief was...

Walcott deal is highlight of the summer, no matter what else happens

by Helen Trantum Thirteen and a half years is a long time. It’s longer than we’ve been at the Emirates. It’s longer than Daily Cannon has...

Arsenal could use some of the £200m to repair atmosphere

by Helen Trantum Why don't Arsenal "do" atmosphere? I'm not talking about the handful of big games we play each year; against our league rivals, against...

Liverpool a real danger for Arsenal after Sterling sale to Manchester City

by Helen Trantum Inevitably over the long summer break, there is only really one topic of conversation available to football fans. Identifying gaps in the squad...

Devastating blow for Shawcross as Arsenal escape clash with Stoke

by Helen Trantum Football is back! Arsenal beat a select Singapore XI 4-0 on Wednesday afternoon in the Barclays Asia Trophy, with Chuba Akpom notching a hattrick...

Debate: Should Gibbs start the season ahead of Monreal?

by Helen Trantum Arsenal’s academy specialises in left backs. In the Wenger years we have seen the likes of Ashley Cole, Gael Clichy and most recently...

'This Girl Can' and Lionesses successfully tackling prejudice in football

by Helen Trantum This Girl Can. Waiting for the tube this morning, that was the message emblazoned across an image of a girl juggling a football. The...

Is Mesut Özil Arsenal’s most undervalued player?

by Helen Trantum Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. So goes the proverb, and never was it more true in football – as Google...

Arsene’s type is better than Mourinho’s

by Helen Trantum To buy or not to buy – that is the question. Even following the January acquisition of Gabriel, there is still some clamour...

Do you know Arsene Wenger's 'type'?

by Helen Trantum Arsene Wenger has a type. Just like mine is tall, dark and handsome, Arsene favours some defenders over others. It has particularly become...

What happens when you fall in love with a Tottenham fan?

by Helen Trantum March 2016. That’s when I sign my life away marry my best friend, the love of my life, my soulmate. There’s just one...

Can Alexis be our saviour this summer?

by Helen Trantum International football bores me. It's a sad indictment of the state of football, but that's the way I feel. The trouble is, I...

Can the league's best goalkeeper overhaul Chelsea?

by Helen Trantum A good goalkeeper can save you 15 points a season. So the legend goes, anyway. This season Arsenal finished 12 points behind Champions Chelsea,...

Szczesny's smoking highlights a bigger problem

by Helen Trantum Are you stupid? That must be a question Arsene Wenger is dying to ask his FA Cup winning goalkeeper after the Pole was...

Why the FA are totally wrong to charge Jack Wilshere

by Helen Trantum Do you need glasses? How you view Jack Wilshere’s latest misdemeanour seems to rather depend on which side of the Emirates fence you...

Arsenal School Reports 2014-15: The Manager

As the season wraps up with a 12th FA Cup win and third-place league finish, we look at how the players did over the...

Arsenal 14/15 School Report: The Forwards

As the season wraps up with a 12th FA Cup win and third-place league finish, we look at how the players did over the...

Arsenal 14/15 School Report: The Midfielders

As the season wraps up with a 12th FA Cup win and third-place league finish, we look at how the players did over the...

Arsenal 14/15 School Report: The Defenders

As the season wraps up with a 12th FA Cup win and third-place league finish, we look at how the players did over the...

Arsenal 14/15 School Report: The Goalkeepers

As the season wraps up with a 12th FA Cup win and third-place league finish, we look at how the players did over the...

In Focus: Francis Coquelin at Wembley

by Helen Trantum That winning feeling. It’s a pure adrenaline rush that is simply unequalled in football. For one of our boys in particular, ending the season...

Winning is not enough – especially for Mesut Ozil

Nine years. It’s a long time in a lifetime, let alone in football. For those of us of a Gooner persuasion, it’s a length of time...

RtW: This time last year Arsenal win the Cup!

Well, this series has proven a lucky charm! For the second year in a row, we find ourselves finishing the League season with another game...

Everything Arsenal need to know to beat Aston Villa and win the cup

It's FA Cup final time and Arsenal are looking to win a record 12th trophy in their record-breaking 19th final.  Here's all they need to...

Winning with Walcott as Ramsey teaches Ozil a lesson

Victory through harmony. It may be the club's motto, but it also applies to two of our most exciting yet divisive players. Mesut Ozil and Theo...

Everything Arsenal need to know to beat Manchester United again

Arsenal travel to Old Trafford on Sunday looking to reproduce their FA Cup result there earlier this year. With both teams fighting it out for...

Are Arsenal's players as intelligent as Wenger thinks?

Horses for courses. It's an oft heard British idiom to explain how you should select the best person for the particular job, and it's exactly...

All Arsenal need to know to close in on second place

Arsenal welcome Swansea to the Emirates on Monday night knowing that a win will move them ever closer to their highest league finish in...

Why it's time for Jack Wilshere to make a decision

The worries of the Arsenal world weigh heavy. That's what Jack Wilshere found out back in the autumn of 2011, at any rate. With the...

Could Bellerin be haunted by the ghost of Fabregas?

It's karaoke time! "I wanna tell you, I might as well do, About a boy who can do anything. He comes from Barca, His name is Hector, Bellerin, Bellerin, Bellerin." You've...

John Terry: Captain, Leader, Idiot

Why Chelsea skipper's jibes about "tippy tappy football" and its failings are wide of the mark. Finesse. It's not a word one commonly associated with Chelsea's...

Why Oliver was right not to award Chelsea penalty

Imagine the scene: Two players are running towards each other, fully focussed on the ball between them. At the last minute, as they prepare to make...

Ozil and Bellerin standout: Arsenal player ratings v Chelsea

Arsenal were unable to break down Chelsea's bus and they both left with a point. Still, it's another game that saw the 'special one' fail...

Everything Arsenal need to know to beat Chelsea

Normally we start this post every week before a game by welcoming the opposition to the Emirates. There's not of that this week, it's Chelsea....

Respecting Wenger will be Jose Mourinho's downfall

If Zouma plays on Sunday, Arsenal will win. Respect It's a concept apparently lost on Jose Mourinho when it comes to talking about Arsene Wenger. The man...

Arsene Wenger and the eleven lords

After putting Chelsea to the sword, it only felt fair to do an equivalent version of the cast from Snow White and the Seven...

Why Chelsea's manager cannot compete with Arsene Wenger

Ahead of this weekend's fixture against the team that ruined Wenger's 1,000th game,, we look at why the manager deserves to remain at the club.

Jose Mourinho and the seven Chelsea bores

We look at the insufferable Chelsea squad and their dwarvish nicknames

Have Arsenal really fixed their big game hoodoo ahead of Chelsea's arrival?

In the run up to Sunday's fixture against league leaders Chelsea, we look at whether recent victories over Man City, Man United and Liverpool...

Take it down! Fabregas banner should never been erected in first place

With most of the build up to Sunday's game about one man and one man only, we examine his impact on the club and ask whether *that* banner should ever have been erected outside the Emirates.

Fan fail as Arsenal towers over plastic Chelsea signs

Is there anything worse than a small time club? For years Arsenal fans have had to put up with Tottenham trying to keep up with...

Why Arsenal fans should hope Man United beat Chelsea

Ahead of a weekend with two season-defining games for Arsenal kicking off at roughly the same time, we look at how results in each of the games could affect us, despite only playing in one!

Road to Wembley: Arsenal go the distance against Wigan Athletic

Ahead of our semi-final tie against Reading, we run the rule over our corresponding 2014 victory over Wigan Athletic.

Everything Arsenal need to know to ensure they reach FA Cup final

Arsenal face Reading at Wembley knowing that, should they win, they will be just 90 minutes away from becoming the greatest team the FA...

Why Arsenal still have it all to play for

We look at why fighting for second – although not our goal for next season – is something we should welcome.

Everything Arsenal need to know to do better v Burnley than Tottenham

Arsenal travel to Burnley on Saturday for what is likely to be a tougher game than the one they faced last weekend against Liverpool.

The Arsenal XI Wenger should pick for every game remaining

With an unprecedented number of players available for the run-in , we look at the personnel who should be on the pitch from the first minute onwards.

Giroud sets record straight on North London's best striker

Following another excellent performance against Liverpool, we take a closer look at Olivier Giroud's performance and why he may be the most underrated striker in the league.

Tottenham man Player of the Season? Not even Player of North London!

Harry Kane looks like he could be a cert for Player of the Season, but he isn't even the best player in north London

Why Arsenal are right to ignore America, for now

With the international break under way, we look at why Arsenal's own international focus has been on the Middle-East and Asia at the expense of the United States of America.

Do Arsenal and England have space for Welbeck and Walcott?

Arsene likes wide men who wander. When you look at the players who have featured on the wings for our long-serving manager, there is always...

Image-conscious Walcott halts contract critics in their tracks

After months of increasingly vitriolic speculation about the uncertainty surrounding Theo Walcott's future, the Arsenal forward has broken his silence to derail one of the media's favourite stories.

Why Liverpool star's suspension is bad news for Arsenal

Following a reckless action in the weekend's game between Liverpool and Man United, we look at why Arsenal may suffer as a result of Steven Gerrard's ban.

What does Aaron Ramsey mean by 'success' for Arsenal?

Aaron Ramsey believes that this season can still be a success in spite of Tuesday's Champions League elimination - can it?

Gunners 'disgrace' stark contrast with Chelsea and Liverpool

In a week where Arsenal were ushered out of the Champions League, we look at why that exit has been roundly criticised compared to their English colleagues.

Wenger isn't bitter, away goals no longer work

After two of England's three representatives in the Round of 16 departed according to the Away Goals rule, we take a look at whether the rule is still applicable.

Piers Morgan and TalkSport – an Arsenal-hating match made in heaven?

TalkSPORT recently announced that "celebrity Gooner" Piers Morgan will be joining Adrian Durham for their Drivetime show. We turn the tables.

One reason Arsenal's heroic failure this year was not déjà vu

As Arsenal are eliminated from the Champions League in an all too familiar fashion, we look at the one reason we can be hopeful for next year.

How envy drives Chelsea manager's obsession with Wenger

In a week when Jose Mourinho couldn’t resist having yet another pop at Arsene Wenger and his side, we look at why the Chelsea manager can’t seem to help himself.

Arsenal get Reading in FA Semi, have never lost to Royals

Arsenal learn their semi-final opponents, and it's a team who have never beaten them in a competitive encounter.

Former Arsenal captain sent to psychologist

Thomas Vermaelen suffers latest set back and turns to psychologist for support.

In focus: Theo Walcott finally shows some fire

Theo Walcott has had a tough ride from Gooners – we look at how his performance against West Ham demonstrates there might be some light at the end of the tunnel.

In focus: Giroud's striker masterclass against West Ham

We take a closer look at Arsenal’s main man following a perfect performance against a weak West Ham side.

Szczesny to return against side defeated by his heroics?

With Arsenal facing a side that gave them a stern test over the festive period, we look at why our Polish shotstopper may be in line for a return.

Sing up! Why Arsenal need home fans to act like they're away

With Arsenal's fantastic 9,000 travelling contingent receiving widespread praise for the atmosphere at Old Trafford, we look at the contrast with the home support and what we can do to close the gap.

Just how big is West Ham's threat to Arsenal's great run?

Just what can Arsenal expect from West Ham on Saturday at the Emirates?

Podolski dream of Arsenal future laughable

We look at a player who, despite a recent charm offensive, is more likely to leave the Emirates this summer than contract renegade Theo Walcott.

6 reasons Arsenal playing Stoke in pre-season is good

Arsenal have announced that they will take part in the Barclays Asia Trophy with Stoke of all teams. Here's why this is a good thing,

Why Nacho Monreal deserves all the praise after Manchester United performance

We look at how Arsenal's understated left back is having a season to remember.

How Francis Coquelin dominated Manchester United's bulldozer

Francis Coquelin continued his meteoric rise with another tenacious display against Manchester United.

Arsene Wenger proves you can teach an old dog new tricks

Off the back of a fabulous win at Old Trafford, we look at how the Arsenal manager played his part in a crucial game.

Are Arsenal this midfielder's only hope?

With the Abou Diaby's contract up in the summer, we look at whether the midfielder has a future at Arsenal.

Road to Wembley: This time last year Arsenal breeze past the Toffees

Ahead of our quarter final tie against Manchester United, we run the rule over our corresponding 2014 victory over Everton.

Everything Arsenal need to know to end Manchester United’s hoodoo

Arsenal travel to Manchester on Monday night looking to end an embarrassing run of results at Old Trafford. Here's everything they need to know to make sure they end the jinx United hold over them.

Why I hate Spurs more than Manchester United but Monday means more

As Arsenal travel to Old Trafford this weekend, we look at why our rivalry with the Red Devils can be put in the shade by our local relationship with Spurs, despite being much more competitive

Why I hate Manchester United more than Spurs

As Arsenal travel to Old Trafford this weekend, we look at why our rivalry with the Red Devils can be more intense than with Spurs, despite geographic differences

How Giroud outshines Manchester United's world class trio in every way

Ahead of Monday night's FA Cup clash with our rivals, we look at how £13m man Olivier stacks up against players collectively worth in excess of £90m.

Four reasons Theo Walcott is not getting picked for Arsenal

Why is Theo Walcott not getting games for Arsenal? We try to get to the bottom of it.

5 Reasons QPR won't beat the Gunners – just ask Spurs!

As Arsenal build up to facing QPR, we look at how so many ex-Spurs players wound up in West London, and the danger they pose.

Are you ready for Arsenal's trip to QPR? Find out here

Arsenal travel across London for a midweek match against QPR. Never a straightforward fixture no matter how it looks on paper, here is everything Arsenal need to know to make sure they don't Monaco-up the evening.

How Olivier Giroud slayed his Monaco demons

After a nightmare midweek, we look at how na-na-na-na-Giroud set about winning the fans – and the manager – over.

Wenger over Mourinho any day! suggests Cesc Fabregas

Fabregas fails to flatter Mourinho when asked to compare him to previous managers at Arsenal and Barcelona.

How Cazorla and Sanchez use their small stature to their advantage

As Arsenal come up against the shortest team in the Premier League this weekend, we take a look at why size isn’t always everything.

Everything Arsenal need to know to avoid further embarrassment against Everton

Arsenal welcome Everton to the Emirates on Sunday hoping to rid themselves of all memory of their mid-week capitulation against Monaco. Here's everything they need to know to ensure the same thing doesn't happen.

Why Arsenal can no longer continue with Ospina in goal

We look at why Wojciech Szczesny, whatever his crimes, simply must return to the Arsenal first team ahead of the weekend's game against Everton.

Who is strong enough to lead Arsenal if the captain isn't?

We reflect on an abject performance from the Gunners and the role stand-in captain Mertesacker played in generating not just a mountain but an Everest to climb in the return leg. 

All you need to know - AS Monaco factfile

Stephen has done an excellent opposition preview already, so all that Is left for our regular feature is the facts, stats and figures to...

Elite players deserve elite pitches not what's offered at Tottenham and Chelsea

Palace's pitch at the weekend highlights the gamesmanship of groundsmen. We look at where it can work for or against the home side and look ahead  to the Champions League.

How to embarrass your club in one easy move by Tottenham Hotspur

A look at the comedy gold when Arsenal fans discovered Tottenham's attempts to drum up some excitement for the Capital One Cup final next weekend.

Can Yaya Sanogo break through at Arsenal or is Palace move permanent?

The gangly Arsenal forward is unable to play against his parent club on Saturday, but does the young French forward have a future at the Gunners?

Why Francis Coquelin is a very lucky boy

Whether by luck or judgement, Arsenal have found themselves a decent holding midfielder, but how close was our number 34 to missing out?

Injury update – Hector Bellerin 20th February 2015

Teenage right back is a doubt for Saturday's game at Palace.

Where did it all go wrong for Calum Chambers?

Calum Chambers has fallen out of favour since the festive period - the question is why? After a shaky weekend performance, Daily Cannon looks at why things are no longer going so swimmingly for the summer signing.

Everything Arsenal need to know to beat Alan Pardew again

Helen Trantum gives you everything you could possibly need to know about Crystal Palace, plus a lot more.

Injury Update – Aaron Ramsey 20th February 2015

FA Cup final winning midfielder almost halfway through rehab.

Injury Update – Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain 20th February 2015

The Ox is nearing a return to the first team.

Injury Update – Jack Wilshere 20th February 2015

Is Jack Wilshere in line to play at the weekend?

Why Mesut Ozil is ultimate efficient footballer

Mesut Ozil has come in for much criticism since his move to Arsenal, most of it unwarranted. With his performance against Boro he went some way to shutting up his critics.

Will Middlesbrough learn from Liverpool's failings at the Emirates last year?

In another regular feature during this season’s FA Cup run, Daily Cannon reminisces about how Arsenal got on this time last year. Ahead of our 5th Round tie against Middlesbrough, we run the rule over our corresponding 2014 victory over Liverpool.

Why Szczesny must replace Ospina - and fast!

Is it better to have tried and failed than never to have tried at all? Szczesny's willingness to risk everything is why he is Arsenal's only long term viable candidate for the #1 jersey as Helen Trantum explains.

Arsenal make history against Leicester

Once upon a time, Arsene Wenger famously said “It wouldn’t surprise me if we were to go unbeaten for the whole season.” What happened next went down in history.

Derby Day in an Arsenal-Tottenham Household

Everyone's Derby Day is different. Here's an insight into how the day can pan out when your other half supports the Lilywhites. 09:30 Wake up. Roll...

Living with the Enemy – a Tottenham / Arsenal Story

Resident writer at the Daily Cannon, Helen Trantum, looks at what it's like to date a Spurs fan and why it makes her more confident that the Gunners will win on Saturday.

How Arsenal can take advantage of Tottenham's biggest liability

Federico Fazio is the weak link in the Tottenham team. Daily Cannon looks at where his biggest weaknesses lie and how Arsenal can take advantage of this liability.

How Arsenal can stop Tottenham's key man

Christian Eriksen poses a real threat to Arsenal on Saturday. Daily Cannon looks at why he is potentially so dangerous and what we can do to stop him.

Most Wanted: Which Tottenham players would make the Arsenal team?

With the annual proclamations of a power shift in North London, Daily Cannon takes a look at a best combined XI from the likely line-ups for Saturday’s match

Why Tottenham fans are good for our health

Although on the face of it Tottenham supporters can be royal pains in the bum, Helen Trantum looks at why their existence actually enriches the lives of Gooners.

Who cares more about the north London Derby - Arsenal or Spurs fans?

It's one of the biggest games of the season, but which fans care about it more?

Why this Tottenham star will always be an Arsenal man at heart

Harry Kane recently signed a new Tottenham contract and protested his love for the lesser North London club, but is he telling the truth? Here at the Daily Cannon, we doubt it...

Everything Arsenal need to know to beat Spurs

Arsenal travel to Tottenham on Saturday, so what do we know about them? Here's their factfile.

Why Spurs, not Arsenal, have been in a negative spiral since AVB's comments

If Arsenal are in a negative spiral, what does that mean for Tottenham? Daily Cannon compares Arsenal and Tottenham over the last two years and looks at why sometimes people should just keep their mouths shut.

Five reasons Goonerettes should stay in the kitchen

A look at some of the accusations levelled at female football fans and the truth behind them.

Why Thierry Henry holds the key to Theo Walcott's future at Arsenal

Thierry Henry is unquestionably an Arsenal legend, but his return to England surely ensures that Theo Walcott will extend his contract. We explain why here.

This is why Theo Walcott is Arsenal's most important player

A look at why Theo Walcott is Arsenal's most important player, and why Arsene Wenger must keep him at all costs.

Eight things you need to know ahead of Aston Villa's visit

Arsenal host Aston Villa at the Emirates on Sunday in the Premier League. This is what you can expect from them.

The Road to Wembley – This Time Last Year

In another regular feature during this season’s FA Cup run, Daily Cannon reminisces about how Arsenal got on this time last year. Ahead of our...

Arsenal Matchday Songs – She Wore A Yellow Ribbon

In a new series, Daily Cannon will be reviewing some of Arsenal's favourite songs to share some of the history, culture and general match-day...

Are Arsenal a one-man team?

Once upon a time, an Arsenal team went a full 38 game league season unbeaten. We’re often told that the Invincibles were the ultimate team,...

Everything you need to know about Brighton & Hove Albion

On Sunday Arsenal continue their defence of the FA Cup with a trip to the seaside to face Brighton & Hove Albion. Here's everything you...

0% is good, but isn’t good enough – Arsenal ticket prices

After Arsenal announced this week that ticket prices will not go up again next year following a 3% increase for the 2014-15 season, season ticket...

Three Manchester City players who can make a difference against Arsenal

Ahead of Arsenal's trip to Manchester City on Sunday, Daily Cannon brings you the lowdown on the opposition. We've already looked at Everything you need to...

Sloppy Seconds – The Verdict on Manchester City’s Ex-Gunners

It seems that since moving to our shiny new stadium, Arsenal have gained a bit of a reputation for being a feeder club. It started...

Everything you need to know about Manchester City

Factfile Manchester City Manager Manuel Pellegrini Home Ground Etihad Stadium (47,726) League Position 2nd Record Signing Sergio Aguero – £38.1m in 2011 Ex Gunners Gael Clichy, Samir Nasri, Bacary Sagna, Richard Wright Top Scorer Sergio Aguero (19) Top...

Aaron Ramsey vs Stoke – One of Many Magic Moments

A look back at some of the best moments at the Emirates in recent years, why they were quite so magical, and a look...

Mesut Ozil and Theo Walcott – Two become one

A brief look at how two of Arsenal’s best players need each other before they can consistently look like the world class players they...