Christopher Weeks

An avid Arsenal fan from Birmingham (the other one). Loves a good 6 AM kickoff.
This season, a new formation and tactical system swept the Premier League, and to some extent world football.
There has been much debate around the structure of Arsenal’s hierarchy but what is a director of football and how could it help Arsene Wenger return to his glory days
This hellish Premier League season has come to a close, and Arsenal finished just outside the top four for the first time in some fans’ lifetime.
Why even watch Arsenal v United, it's just going to go badly, right?
Nacho Monreal had scored two crucial goals in the span of 72 hours. So it is fitting that a player who works so hard for such little credit is finally having his moment in the spotlight.
Arsenal took home all three points against West Ham, ending a run of games in which they played like a bunch of idiots.
Arsenal’s defence was an absolute shambles at times against Manchester City.
Alexandre Lacazette has been linked with Arsenal for several years running but is he really woth his £70m price tag?
When Arsene Wenger said that “you wouldn’t necessarily find a Cazorla even if you wanted to,” I thought, “Sounds like a challenge!”