Arsenal’s League Cup clash against Blackpool will be one of six to utilise VAR, as English officials continue to trial the system.

The six ties set to use the system all involve Premier League sides. Officials at AFC Bournemouth vs Norwich City and Leicester City vs Southampton will use it on Tuesday 30th, as well as Arsenal vs Blackpool, West Ham vs Tottenham Hotspur and Chelsea vs Derby County on Wednesday 31st.

Manchester City vs Fulham is the final match selected for VAR, taking place on Thursday 1st November.

After the success of VAR at the World Cup, it’s a shame these cup matches are the only ones we’ll see it in. The Premier League have continually delayed VAR’s implementation, whilst every other top league around Europe brings it in. Even the Champions League is set for the introduction of the system next season.

As a result, those here in England have to suffer the offside goals and unnoticed blatant red cards for another season.

Then again, VAR was in use for Tottenham vs Watford and they still managed to incorrectly send off a Watford player, so the system clearly isn’t going to fix everything. They might need to hire some more competent officials to do that.

Hopefully one day the English game will catch up with the rest of Europe in officiating terms. For now, it’s good to know they’ll at least have VAR to fall back on against Blackpool.