Some Arsenal fans read way too much into images of Aaron Ramsey’s goal celebration on Sunday, amid the contract speculation surrounding the midfielder.

Ramsey finished off an early goal of the season contender in Arsenal’s 5-1 win over Fulham on Saturday. The move began all the way back in front of the team’s own box, but some lovely one-touch counter-attacking football saw them race up the other end for the Welshman to finish.

After that, Ramsey celebrated by holding his arms out as you can see in the picture below.

Image: BT Sport

The Mirror described it as “a message to Arsenal’s board” and they weren’t the only ones trying to figure out the significance of the action. Arsenal fans on Twitter were all over it.

In all honesty, they’re all taking it a bit too far. For a start, seconds later Ramsey was punching the air and hugging his teammates. It’s not as if he ran over to the bench and did a knee slide, lifting his shirt to reveal a message saying “not worth the money?!”

The celebration also could’ve been due to how quickly he was able to make an impact. Players coming off the bench often feel they have a point to prove, as they didn’t get to start the game. The celebration could’ve been more to do with the 27-year-old feeling he’d proved that point.

Alternatively, it could’ve been a “we’re just too good” shrug of the shoulders, considering the quality of the move.

As long as he keeps scoring and making an impact for Arsenal, it doesn’t really matter either way.