Jens Lehmann was Arsenal’s penalty shoot out hero again on Saturday, helping the legends side to victory over Real Madrid.

After a relatively uneventful 90 minutes, the match went to penalties, giving Lehmann a chance to steal the show in goal. He did so with an early save to put Arsenal into the lead. After both teams scored the remainder of their penalties, it came down to Tomas Rosicky to put his away and win the match.

However, Lehmann decided his moment in the spotlight wasn’t done yet, and he stepped up to take the penalty himself. Rosicky turned back to the centre-circle laughing and rolling his eyes, before the German goalkeeper smashed the spot kick into the top corner:

It’s a good thing he scored it, after putting all the attention and pressure on himself. That’s just the Lehmann way though. Arsenal fans certainly enjoyed ‘mad Jens’ stealing the headlines as he always used to.

Some players just relish the spotlight, and Lehmann is clearly one of them. Hopefully it made the day out worth it for the fans in attendance, and I’m sure The Arsenal Foundation will make good use of the money raised by the event.