AC Milan president Paolo Scaroni has pushed back a decision on the club’s new CEO by another few weeks, saying they’re not in any hurry.

Almost a month ago, Scaroni told the media they were making progress in appointing a new CEO. At the time, he said “I think we’ll get there in a few weeks.”

Clearly that didn’t happen, as more than a few weeks later they still haven’t brought anyone in. Scaroni spoke to journalists again this week, and gave an update on the situation.

“I’m assuming the [CEO] role temporarily and I’m a busy man, so I need someone to take care of it permanently,” he said. “We are not in a hurry and there’s no deadline but let’s say it will happen in a few weeks.”

That certainly makes it sound like nothing’s changed since mid-August. The final decision is perpetually a few weeks away, so it really doesn’t seem like there’s much point worrying about it for the time being. On Ivan Gazidis as a contender for the role specifically, Scaroni wouldn’t be drawn.

“He is tied to a contract with another employer at the moment. It wouldn’t be nice to talk about this matter,” he said.

The fact that neither Gazidis nor Scaroni are making any attempts to deny the possibility of their linking up suggests it could definitely happen though. Both have simply avoided the question when asked about it.

Recent reports suggest the Italian giants have made Gazidis a €4m-a-year (£3.63m) offer to take charge of the club. That would be an increase of over £1m on his current deal with Arsenal. We’ll have to wait and see whether he takes it.