AC Milan are starting to worry that Ivan Gazidis plans to turn down their offer to leave Arsenal, as they haven’t heard from him for days, according to reports in Italy.

Corriere della Sera write that Milan are still hoping for a final decision in the coming weeks, but they haven’t heard from Gazidis for ‘several days’ at this point. It’s reached the point where they’re starting to draw up lists of alternative options, as they’re starting to believe the chief executive intends to stay with Arsenal.

Recent reports suggest the Italian giants have made Gazidis a €4m-a-year (£3.63m) offer to take charge of the club. That would be an increase of over £1m on his current deal with Arsenal.

Milan want the 53-year-old to take charge alongside Umberto Gandini, as a CEO tag team. Unfortunately for them, having made their intentions clear a long time ago, it seems there has still been very little progress recently.

Milan chairman Paolo Scaroni previously confirmed the club were in talks and making progress with Gazidis and Gandini, and expected a decision ‘in a few weeks’. For now they don’t seem any closer to a decision, but perhaps we’ll know more after the European transfer window closes on Friday.