Danny Welbeck may not be seeing much action on the pitch, but he got a chance to make sure he was still with us when he was popped into a cryo-chamber after England’s win over Colombia to reach the quarterfinals of the World Cup.

So far, Welbz has managed just 11 minutes on the pitch in Russia, bringing his total World Cup playing time to 134 minutes when you take into consideration his appearances in Brazil four years ago.

Still, he has to recover like the rest of the team and was snapped doing so in a tub of really cold stuff.

via rinse_out on Reddit.com/r/gunners

This isn’t the first time Danny has found himself in the cold. Last year he was snapped along with Theo Walcott using Arsenal’s cryo chamber ahead of the game against Watford in October.

Arsenal announced the implementation of cryotherapy last August to aid them in their current methods of recovery and rehabilitation. This was the first time the Gunners had used a full body version of the therapy, although they had used a mobile solution for specific areas of the body in the past.

Arsene Wenger was not a fan of the therapy was it was introduced.

“The players will have warm-downs, they have all that, everybody does nowadays,” Wenger said in September. “Treatment with the physios, massage, cryotherapy – all the stuff where nobody knows whether it is efficient or not.

“No one knows because you have a lot of science. If you read the science, some have proved it works and some have proved it doesn’t work. The ones that prove it works are usually sponsored by the guys who say that it does.

“Is it smoke and mirrors? Yes. Because at the end of the day, since I’ve been in the job, we have improved a lot the medical treatment. A lot. But, still, if you have a muscle problem, it takes 21 days. It took 21 days 30 years ago.

“We have to respect nature and nobody could make miracles unless they doped the players sometimes. That means they inject players for a big game and the guy plays with an injury, with anti-pain.”