With a new management team in place, we were expecting a few things to be different this summer, but just what, exactly, is going on with Petr Cech?

That’s the question Arsenal fans on Reddit were asking when this photograph of the Czech stopper, looking pretty chunky, surfaced:

While he could simply be wearing a tighter shirt, he certainly looks significantly more ‘unity’ than he has during any other time in his Premier League career.

Arsenal fans were quick to make jokes and demand answers.

One suggested that now Wenger was gone, the performing enhancing drugs can finally come out but, of course, we all know a club like Arsenal and a professional like Cech would never go down that route.

Others asked if his drum sessions were finally paying off, whether his hat bestowed magic powers, or if he’d been hanging out with Sead Kolasinac too much.

Most likely, Cech has been working with Arsenal’s new strength and conditioning coach from the AFL and this is the result of a summer dedicated to ensuring his playing career continues for as long as possible.