Jack Wilshere’s potential departure from Arsenal this summer has apparently been complicated by a dispute over loyalty payments, according to reports.

Sky Sports say Wilshere’s future at the club ‘remains uncertain’ and ‘talks are ongoing’ between him and Arsenal. However, they add that sources inform them his possible departure wouldn’t be straightforward.

Reportedly, Wilshere feels he’s due a loyalty payment, since he remained at the club until the end of his contract and never requested a transfer. Presumably Arsenal feel he should only receive the payment if he remains at the club. Without knowing the exact details of his contract, it’s hard to say who is in the right.

If the reports are true though, it doesn’t really matter either way. What’s more important is the fact that Wilshere and the club are getting hung up over loyalty payments in the first place. That implies a significant breakdown in the relationship between player and club. Again, if it’s true.

On July 1st, Wilshere’s Arsenal contract will expire. You’d hope that by then we’d at least have some indication of whether he’s staying.

I’d certainly expect the club to want the situation sorted by the time pre-season comes around. That’s still a month away though, so we have plenty of time for more English media gossip before then. Unfortunately.