Unai Emery met with Arsenal fans at an event at the Emirates Stadium on Wednesday, and gave a positive and exciting speech to those in attendance.

Ivan Gazidis led an annual Supporters’ Club event at the stadium in mid-week, with Emery in attendance as a special guest. Arseblog covered the event in full, and head over there to check it out if you’re interested, but let’s take a look at Unai Emery’s quotes specifically.

The new head coach is of course not fluent in English just yet, and he started by admitting as much.

“I can speak in English, not brilliantly yet, but I can speak with the players and with you, all the fans here tonight, in English and I will improve quickly,” he began.

As you can see from the video above, the new head coach received a very warm welcome from the Arsenal fans. He was clearly touched by the response, and called on the supporters to show the same enthusiasm when the season gets underway in August.

“I feel very good to be here,” he said. “All of the people in the club have made me very welcome and so have you tonight. For me, it is a new possibility to work here and in this great, great stadium.

“If we have this ambience here, that we have tonight, it’s a small crowd, but if we can match that ambience in the stadium at the games then we can achieve a lot.

“For me it’s like a table, a table needs four legs. One leg is the organisation, two is the players, the third is the media- we all need to see the whole picture and how we communicate and the fourth is you- the supporters. And it’s very important that the four legs make a big, strong club together. If one leg doesn’t work, there is no table.”

Emery relishes tough start

Of course, the start of the new season isn’t going to be easy. Right from day one Arsenal have massive tests, including Manchester City at home. Emery insisted he’s relishing the challenge though.

“It’s a nice way for me to start,” he insisted. “The first match is a very big match and it’s my first match with you (the fans). I think it helps us to start with a good energy and for us to start together like this and then we will work and work and work because I only promise you one thing, that we are going to work hard.

“After that, we play against a very good team and I hope we have a good result together and our capacity for playing together as a team gives us a good chance to win. I want for this day for us to start in a really positive way.

“I want ambition from this team, I want them to be ambitious in every match. I want for 90 minutes in every match for them to be in the game and to be working hard. I want that every day, this is my ambition.”

That will be music to the ears of many of the more disillusioned Arsenal fans, who think the squad were coasting a bit recently. If Emery lives up to his word, the one thing we won’t be able to doubt next season is the team’s commitment on the pitch. After that, it’s just down to whether they really have the quality required, as it should be.

Emery getting supporters excited for the new season is no bad thing after the last couple of campaigns. It’s time to unite behind the team and see what they can do.