Robert Pires admits he’s interested in joining Unai Emery’s staff at Arsenal, and says he could be a bridge between the new backroom team and the players already at the club.

Speaking to ESPN FC during Arsenal’s away kit launch, Pires revealed he believes that giving him a role behind the scenes at the club would be good for all parties involved.

“If I join Unai Emery’s staff, I think it should be good for me, and I hope it should be good for Unai Emery,” he said. “I could be like a bridge between him and the players. Because I know the players. For two years I have trained with the guys. So all of them, they respect me.

“And I respect the players, I was an ex-player. So the relationship between the players and me is good. That’s why I think I can help Unai Emery.”

It’s true that the former Gunner has spent much of the last few years in training with the first-team squad almost every time they step out onto the pitches at London Colney. He knows them all, they know him, and that could be important given the number of backroom changes at the club.

If the likes of Jens Lehmann and Steve Bould don’t end up staying on, along with those who have already left the club, there’ll be very little continuity between the last few years and next season.

To an extent, that’s a good thing, because last season was very disappointing. However, there’s always going to be a lot to learn about a club like Arsenal, and Pires knows the ins and outs better than most. With his obvious passion for the club, he’s someone I personally want to see stick around anyway. Hopefully he does.