Arsene Wenger has signed many players over the years, but what did he look for when he entered the transfer market?

1The right stuff


You may have heard of the game “Arsene Wenger Transfer Bingo”. It’s an activity fans liked to play during transfer windows where they tick off every one of Wenger’s stock phrases he feeds to the media.

“If we find the right players, we’ll do it”, is perhaps the most commonly uttered phrased; a line that is utterly infuriating to fans who believe they know several “right” players who could strengthen the Arsenal team.

It’s evident that Wenger has a very specific criterion when it came to signing players. He’s always on the lookout for the right blend of skill, experience and value for money. The latter requirement there has more weight than many believe it should, but signing players within the club’s means has always been a significant factor for Wenger. By his own admission, there are several players he would have signed had he the funds to do so.

But what was the “right” player?