After Tottenham Hotspur released their 2016/17 financial results, let’s take a look at how the big-six Premier League teams compare in terms of wages.

Twitter user Swiss Ramble has done a great job of breaking down the results in full, but we’re focusing on the wage bills of each of the big-six clubs in particular.

For each club, we’ll look at the amount spent on player wages, and what percentage of their total turnover that constitutes. Then we’ll also look at the amount they’re each spending on directors, to see how that compares.

6Tottenham Hotspur

  • Wage bill: £127m (6th in the Premier League)
  • Wage bill as percentage of turnover: 41% (20th in the Premier League)
  • Highest paid director: £6.013m (1st in the Premier League)

Tottenham have the lowest wage bill of the big six clubs by quite a distance, but it’s still higher than the other 14 clubs, emphasising the gap between England’s top teams and the rest right now.

As you can see, they clearly have the cash to pay more, since their wage bill makes up such a small percentage of their turnover. It’s not surprising they’re holding funds back though, considering their stadium move. They’ll need the money to pay off their debts.

What’s surprising is that they’re paying such a ridiculously large amount to their directors. Daniel Levy makes up two-thirds of their total directors’ remuneration of £9m. As a result he’s earning significantly more than the likes of Ivan Gazidis and Ed Woodward.

On the other hand, if the team are keeping up with the rest of the big-six despite such a low wage spend, perhaps he’s earned that salary.

Tottenham need to be careful though. The new cost control restrictions won’t allow them to raise their wage bill by more than a set amount each year. So when their current players eventually leave, the club may struggle to afford to replace them with similar quality.