Arsene Wenger was presented with a trophy before the match against Manchester United to honour his time at Arsenal, but do you know what it actually said on it?

Arsenal fans were expecting a positive welcome for Arsene Wenger on the occasion of his final ever game as Arsenal manager at Old Trafford.

I’m not sure we were expecting Sir Alex Ferguson to present him with anything before the game, nor did we think we’d see a love-in between the Frenchman and his two biggest adversaries during his time in England.

But that’s exactly what we got from the club that took little action for over a decade to stop their fans, in their thousands, calling the very same man they were now honouring a ‘paedophile’.

But sure, let’s praise them for doing this when it means nothing.

The trophy handed to Wenger was engraved with the words, “Presented to Arsene Wenger by Sir Alex Ferguson CBE and Jose Mourinho on behalf of Manchester United Football Club, in recognition of his services to and achievements at Arsenal Football Club 1996-2018”.

via Daily Telegraph, 30 April 2018

Note how they included all of Ferguson’s titles, but not Wenger’s OBE.

Yes, yes, I know, I’m being churlish.

It was a classy gesture from United, but, in amongst all this we mustn’t forget one vital thing – they’re still Manchester United.

If you wrote down all the shithousery they pulled in the last 22 years on individual slips of paper, there would be too many to fit inside that trophy.

I don’t know about Wenger, but I know I’d rather have that 50th game unbeaten…