Arsenal fans will be required to shell out £79 for a ticket to the second leg of their Europa League semi-final against Atletico Madrid, more than Liverpool fans will have to pay at Roma and twice as much as Atleti fans will have to pay at the Grove.

Arsenal get a hard time over ticket prices, a lot of it fairly, but sometimes any good they do gets overlooked.

This time out, Arsenal are charging away fans Category B prices for this fixture meaning Atletico fans will have to pay under £40 for their tickets in London.

They do not, however, return the favour.

They are charging Arsenal fans £79.

Liverpool fans, meanwhile, will have to shell out £73 for tickets for their away leg despite their club only charging Italian fans up to £59 for their tickets.

I’m not entirely sure how UEFA can allow such disparity between clubs for the same fixture. Nor do I understand how they can allow a Europa League semi-final to be priced higher than a Champions League semi.