After reports claimed Arsenal believe Aaron Ramsey won’t sign a new deal, does his future depends on Arsene Wenger’s?

Over the weekend, the Daily Mail reported that senior figures at Arsenal believe Ramsey is unlikely to sign a new deal. That means the club will have to sell him this summer, unless they want another Sanchez/Özil saga.

Looking at the situation as it stands, you can see why Ramsey might want to move on.

His relationship with the fans is very hot and cold, varying year by year.

In 2013/14 everyone loved him, but in seasons like 2016/17 it was hard to find many people on his side.

That was until his winner in the final at Wembley, of course.

The team have also gone backwards ever since the Welsh international signed his last contract. In the last few years they’ve finished lower than ever and lost Champions League football.

Now they look to be falling even further behind in terms of competing for major trophies.

The one constant positive in Ramsey’s situation with Arsenal is Wenger. The 27-year-old has always had the support of the manager, and, in return he’s always backed his boss.

Last season, even with Arsenal struggling, Ramsey said the players were “delighted” to play for Wenger. He revealed in 2016 that he only joined in the first place because the boss made him feel “a bit more wanted”.

When the 2016/17 season ended and the manager’s contract expired with it, the Welshman said: “Of course I want him to stay at club. He deserves this (the FA Cup trophy). We changed the formation and had a lot of success. Fair play to him, he changed the system. Hopefully, he’ll be there next season.”

Take the boss out of the equation and it’s hard to see why Ramsey would stay.

He admitted back in 2015 that he’d like to play in Spain someday, and that he wants to “win many things”. Even if Wenger stays this summer, his contract expires in 2019, same as Ramsey’s.

If Arsenal can’t offer him trophies, or the personal connection of a manager who signed him as a teenager, what is there left to get him to sign a new deal?