Arsenal are up to sixth in Deloitte’s Football Money League, ahead of Paris Saint-Germain and Chelsea, based on the most recent full season’s figures.

Arsenal announced their latest set of financial results this week, showing a profit before tax of £25.1m.

To see how they fit in with the rest of the top teams in Europe, Twitter user SwissRamble put together a table to show 2016/17 revenue for each club, based on Deloitte’s Football Money League:

As you can see, the new Premier League TV deal has a big impact on the results. Only 2016/17 Champions League finalists Juventus and Real Madrid can match the top English clubs in this regard.

Meanwhile, if the table was based on commercial deals only, Arsenal wouldn’t even finish in the top 10.

This is particularly worrying because in 2017/18, Arsenal’s matchday and TV revenue figures will both fall. The team are playing in the Europa League this year, which means less money from season ticket holders and significantly less from broadcasters.

Manchester United won the entire competition last year, and still couldn’t break the £200m mark for TV money.

Arsenal are only in the round of 16 and have to face AC Milan just to make the quarter-finals.

The club recently announced a new deal with Emirates, but they’ll have to do more to keep up with the other top clubs.

That and get back into the Champions League as soon as possible.