Manchester United fans are already starting to turn on Alexis Sanchez, after the Chilean put in another disappointing performance against Sevilla.

With his new club so far, Sanchez has only managed to perform against the smaller sides. He provided assists against Huddersfield and Yeovil Town, and scored a penalty rebound against Bournemouth, but drew blanks against Tottenham Hotspur and Sevilla. Failing to score an open goal in the Newcastle game didn’t help either.

The Sevilla match was a perfect example of the problem. Sanchez failed to record a single touch in the opposition penalty area in the first half. He did manage to be dispossessed more than any of his teammates though.

That match was the last straw for some United fans, and they expressed their frustration on social media:

Perhaps those United fans just needed to have their expectations managed before the game. After all, it’s not as if Sanchez has ever been particularly good in Champions League knockout matches.

At this point the 29-year-old has played 20 knockout matches for Arsenal, Barcelona and Manchester United. In all those games he scored just three goals. Even Nicklas Bendtner managed more than that, with four goals in 13 games.

Of course, Arsenal fans were very gracious watching the performance, and didn’t rub it in at all: