Aaron Ramsey is reportedly demanding an increase on his current £110k-per-week wages and Arsenal fans are surprisingly open to simply offloading the 27-year-old if this is the case.

At Daily Cannon, we’re huge fans of Ramsey. Therefore, when we’re inside our little bubble, we forget that a large section of the Arsenal fan base dislikes the Welshman for reasons we can’t understand.

When I saw the responses to the latest rumour that the 27-year-old wants higher wages, I was actually pretty surprised how willing other fans are to sell him if this is the case.

(Photo by Steve Bardens/Getty Images)

According to the Times (£), Arsenal are worried that Ramsey is deliberately running his contract down, like Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez did, in order to force the club to cough up higher wages. Almost like holding them to ransom.

Considering Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Henrikh Mkhitaryan allegedly earn around £170k-per-week, Ramsey asking for an increase on his £110kpw doesn’t exactly sound that outlandish.

If you found out that people at your work were getting paid much more than you for doing more or less the same job, you would want a pay rise as well. Even if you are off sick a lot…

Yet, fans reckon the midfielder is totally replaceable and, if he doesn’t lower his demands, Arsenal should just ‘get rid’ of him.

It’s odd that the fans who are so flippant about letting such a key player leave are probably the same fans who complain about Arsenal’s missing midfield. Do they think it’s just a coincidence that this usually happens when Ramsey’s not on the pitch?

Here’s what Twitter had to say about Arsenal’s ‘replaceable’ midfielder, who now has under 18 months left on his Arsenal contract.

1. Replace him, it’s that simple

Some fans, thankfully, believe that Ramsey deserves a pay rise…

2. He deserves more