Arsenal have the fourth most academy products playing in the Premier League this season, but they’re a way off Manchester United in first.

TalkSPORT put together the list of each club’s academy products playing in the Premier League. They don’t necessarily have to be playing for the team they broke through with, hence Championship side Leeds United’s inclusion on the list:

1. Manchester United

– 29

2. Southampton and Tottenham

– 16

3. Arsenal

– 15

4. Manchester City

– 13

5. West Ham

– 12

6. Liverpool

– 11

7. Chelsea

– 10

8. Leeds United and Crystal Palace

– 7

Most of the clubs near the top of the list are relatively close together, with only a three-player difference between Manchester City in fifth and Southampton/Tottenham in second.

There’s then a 13 player gap to Manchester United, so they clearly have the edge when it comes to integrating players into the Premier League.

That or they’re just the best at selling them on.

It’s good to see Arsenal are still producing a fair number of Premier League quality players though. The u23s and u18s are having a great season in 2017/18, but the transition to senior football is just as important as good academy performances in themselves.

Of course, it’s better if those young players make it in North London, but selling those who can’t find a spot in the team is a good way to generate funds.

Hopefully Arsenal continue to develop their academy to match the top youth systems in the country.