League Cup final tickets are going on sale to all Silver and Red members, after failing to sell out in the original booking periods.

The system for the sale of League Cup final tickets was exactly the same as in the recent FA Cup finals at first. Initially, anyone who had three away credits or more had priority booking.

After that, any other Gold or Platinum members could apply for tickets. If more members applied than Arsenal had tickets remaining, a random ballot decided whether each individual application was successful. Then, any successful members could purchase tickets.

With each of the previous FA Cup finals, that was enough to sell out.

This time, that booking period came and went, and there were still tickets available.

As a result, the club opened up sales to any Gold or Platinum members who didn’t apply the first time around.

Then they announced they would give Silver and Red members the chance to buy. Any Silver members who have attended 24 home or away matches in the last two and a half seasons can buy from 10am until midday on 13th February.

After that, Red members who fit the same criteria can buy from 2pm until 4pm the same day.

It seems like there’s not as much demand for this final as in previous years. Many probably expect Manchester City to walk the match, considering the recent form of the two teams.

Then again, most pundits thought Chelsea would walk the FA Cup final last year, and that still sold out quickly. Or perhaps the League Cup just doesn’t have as much appeal.

Hopefully the remaining tickets sell out soon, so Arsenal have a full crowd supporting them on the day.