Tottenham fans have been going crazy over Nacho Monreal’s ‘dive’ against Manchester City in the cup final on Sunday while ignoring the fact that they have Divey McDiverson in their team.

Monreal’s ‘dive’ against City is being condemned by the footballing world, most notably by Spurs fans, who have quite a bit of experience when it comes to the subject.

Dele Alli has once again been accused of the very same crime after Spurs’ last-ditch win against Crystal Palace on Saturday. And, if anything, the 21-year-old’s dive over the Eagles’ goalkeeper was far worse than Monreal’s clumsy fall.

Daily Telegraph, 26 February 2018

What’s more, Monreal never appealed for a penalty when he went down in the area. In fact, the 32-year-old waved his hand to indicate that it wasn’t a spot kick and carried on playing until he was subbed off in the 26th minute. Ironically, the left-back appeared to pick up an injury while ‘diving’, which Spurs fans are positively giddy about.

If a player admits he dived and/or doesn’t appeal for the penalty, surely that’s not cheating as cheating would mean he’s tried to trick – or tried to track – the officials?

Obviously, logic isn’t something that Spurs fans are used to dealing with, which means they’re all baying for Monreal’s blood, despite their team not being involved in the final at all.