Ahead of Arsenal’s League Cup final against Manchester City at Wembley, Glenn Allen explained why he won’t be attending the showpiece event, and fans aren’t happy.

Allen is an Arsenal supporter, and told the Islington Gazette that he and his friends plan to boycott the final. He argued that the way Arsene Wenger has treated the competition this year proves how far the club have regressed.

In previous seasons, Wenger would select young players and academy prospects in the tournament. Even when he made the final, you never got the sense he was picking an absolute full strength team. Theo Walcott was just 17 years old with no Arsenal goals when he started against Chelsea in 2008.

Now the manager is preparing to start the likes of Mesut Özil and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang in this year’s final. Allen says fans see this prioritisation of a lesser competition as the club going backwards. As a protest, he won’t attend the match.

Many other Arsenal fans on Twitter accused the protester of taking the club’s success under Wenger for granted. They responded angrily to the article, with some even telling Allen to give up his season ticket:

There were some supporters who agreed with Allen though:

Personally, I hope as many Arsenal fans as possible turn up on the day. This is a chance for a trophy, and that’s more important than a protest over a manager.

I’m not worried though, as I’m sure the red members replacing these boycotting season ticket holders will be just as enthusiastic in their support, if not more so.

Hopefully that’s enough to repeat last year’s wins over Chelsea and City and beat the favourites again.