Hector Bellerin has given his media-trained, classic Arsenal take on the top-four race this season.

Bellerin insists Arsenal have ‘faith’ that they’ll manage to finish in the top four and points out there they are plenty of games left. Who knows, maybe one of the teams above us could slip up…

“There are still loads of games and big teams can lose against smaller teams,” the 22-year-old said, reports the Evening Standard. “It happens every week. 

“We have the faith to make the top four and the Champions League next year.

“Every single competition is important. We’ve still got the Carabao Cup here at Wembley, the game against Ostersunds in the Europa League is as important as the ones in the league.”

Arsenal are currently sixth in the Premier League, five points below Chelsea in fifth, seven behind Spurs, 11 off Manchester United and a whopping 27 (!) away from City at the top.

Even if Chelsea’s poor form continues and Arsenal manage to end up in fifth, there’s no way Arsene Wenger’s men are climbing into the top four.

Not this season – there’s no way.

For every encouraging, high-scoring game Arsenal have on their turf, there’s an equally dismal one the following weekend away from home.

Most recently, they lost 1-0 away to Spurs. You might have heard.

Some of us naively thought that because Wembley is sort of like their second home, they could get a result… But nah.

I can’t be annoyed at Bellerin though. He has to say these things and pretend the team actually believe in themselves. If they didn’t, the wheels really would come clattering off.

In the mean time, let’s just hope Arsenal do take their Carabao Cup final and Europa League clashes seriously.