Arsene Wenger’s latest comments on his future prove he’s either arrogant or in denial

Arsene Wenger looked uncharacteristically uncomfortable when quizzed about his future at Arsenal during his pre-Manchester City press conference on Wednesday morning.

Wenger is usually able to shut down talk about his future at Arsenal pretty easily. After 21 years in England, the Frenchman is usually pretty savvy when it comes to dealing with the British press.

However, after losing 3-0 to City in the League Cup final on Sunday, the pressure is mounting on the 68-year-old to give a definitive answer over whether he’ll see out the remaining year of his contact at Arsenal.

On Wednesday morning, the boss was subjected to more questions about his future, which he didn’t seem happy answering.

“My position is my position. Honestly, that’s the last worry I have at the moment. My focus is to get the team ready for the game,” he said.

“I just told you what my way of thinking is; it’s the next game. We’re in that kind of situation. I don’t ask you if your position is reviewed at the end of the season. 

“My job is to perform. It’s not for me to evaluate. If you need clarity, I can repeat exactly the same answer. Does it stop you sleeping that my position is uncertain or certain? The game on Thursday is what is important.

“I’m amazed I always have to answer things that are the same. I’ve been here 21 years and turned the whole world down to honour my contract.”

The thing is, while many fans are unhappy with Wenger being asked the same questions consistently over the last few years, even they have to agree that this time they’re warranted.

Manchester City fans hold ‘Wenger stay’ sign during the Carabao Cup Final between Arsenal and Manchester City at Wembley Stadium on February 25, 2018 in London, England. (Photo by Julian Finney/Getty Images)

Wenger’s current Arsenal side don’t look motivated or even like a cohesive team.

They don’t look like they could beat anyone, which they proved when they were defeated 2-1 by Östersunds FK last week.

Why then, is Wenger so cagey when answering these questions regarding his future? If nothing changes in his managerial approach and the poor results keep piling up, why should he not be held accountable?

Does the boss genuinely not understand what all the fuss is about? Does he believe it will get better between now and the end of the season? Or is he completely oblivious?