The London FA aim the recruit 100 female football coaches over their four-year scheme in order to encourage more girls and women to get involved in the sport.

As part of the FA’s aim to get more girls and women involved in football, the London FA plan to train 100 women through their Level 1 qualifications so that they can become coaches.

The London FA, through London Leopards, also pledge to deliver support and opportunities to the women once they’ve come through the training, which they deem a priority.

The Wembley National Stadium Trust (WNST) has put in £200,000 worth of funding to help London Leopards as they drive the scheme for the region.

“The London FA is launching this new initiative as part of our wider drive to engage more women and girls in football across London and enrich their lives as a result,” Lisa Pearce, chief executive officer of the London FA, said.

“It’s no secret that there is a huge disparity in sport and physical activity levels between boys and girls.

“In London specifically, 88 per cent of boys between the ages of 14 and 15 play football, compared with just 35 per cent of girls.

“We hope that by introducing the sport to girls at a younger age in a fun and sociable way, delivered by female coaches, these gaps will start to close as they reach teenage years.”

The 100 coaches will then be able to give coaching sessions to over 1,000 girls between the ages of seven and 11.

According to the Islington Gazette, only 11% of five-to-nine-year-old girls play football compared to 52% of boys the same age.

The FA’s aim is to double this participation by 2020 by breaking down barriers and turning football into a universal sport, not just a hobby ‘for boys’.

By training and recruiting female coaches, this should encourage young girls to take part, as well as give the coaches themselves the chance to push ahead in an industry they want to be part of.

London Leopards will activity be advertising free coaching courses.

Applications are open from today (Monday, 12 February, 2018).

London Leopards have teamed up with AFC Wimbledon Foundation, Arsenal Women, Charlton Athletic Women’s, Chelsea Foundation, Leyton Orient Trust, Millwall Community Trust, QPR FC in the Community Trust and Tottenham Hotspur Foundation.

Each partner will deliver an eight-week football programme with the aim of helping girls who play grassroots football to progress to a higher level. They hope to have a 25% conversion rate after delivering 100 sessions a year.