Call them paranoid but Arsenal fans reckon their club’s official Twitter account has just trolled them.

Arsenal fans are waiting to see if the Gunners will extend Jack Wilshere’s contract.

The 26-year-old has under six months left on his current deal and considering how much of a fan favourite he is, any gossip that he could be staying in north London is being hungrily lapped up by Gooners.

Therefore, when Arsenal’s official Twitter account, which has been known to be rather cheeky when teasing fans in the past, tweeted “Congratulations, Jack Wilshere” with a mystery link attached on Tuesday afternoon, most of us practically sprained our fingers clicking on it.

Of course we thought it was the club announcing a new long-term deal for the England international.

It wasn’t. It was just a piece about him winning Arsenal’s goal of the month, which is nice and all but not a new contract.

Gooners were not impressed with being duped.

On the plus side, I don’t think Arsenal would knowingly troll us about such a… sensitive… subject as our future captain signing a new deal if it wasn’t actually happening.

Last week we announced Mesut Ozil’s three-year deal, now for Jack’s.

Over to you, Arsenal.