Arsenal fans are the third most loyal on the continent, according to a study of teams who have competed in the Champions League in the last six seasons.

Bwin analysed each team’s average attendance at Champions League matches to try and establish which fanbase is the most loyal.

Unsurprisingly, Tottenham are England’s worst home fans by far.

The smallest North London club to feature on the list was never going to fill a 90,000-seater stadium like Wembley, even with matches against Real Madrid and Borussia Dortmund.

They have an average attendance of 82.63%.

Here’s the top 10

1Borussia Monchengladbach

– 99.41%

2Borussia Dortmund

– 99.21%


– 99.13%

4Bayern Munich

– 98.78%


– 98.76%

6PSV Eindhoven

– 98.49%

7Manchester United

– 98.31%

8Paris Saint-Germain

– 97.81%


– 97.65%

10Leicester City

– 97.55%

As you can see, German clubs feature heavily at the top of the list. They’re well known for their enthusiastic support, and their ticket prices are some of the lowest around.

Clubs like Leicester City have the advantage of rarely being in European competition. Filling 32,312 seats isn’t hard when it’s probably the only time your club will be in the Champions League.

I wouldn’t get too excited about how high Arsenal are on the list though. Although the stadium does always sell out for Champions League matches, that’s largely helped by the 45,000 season ticket holders the club have.

That doesn’t leave many tickets to sell, and the Gunners seem to count the season tickets in the attendance whether the holders turn up or not.

At least they’re selling the tickets though, unlike Spurs…