Arsenal fans have been burning their shirts with Alexandre Lacazette’s name on the back after the 26-year-old’s 25-minute display against Spurs on Saturday.

Laca was brought on in the 65th minute during Arsenal’s 1-0 defeat to Spurs at Wembley. The striker missed two shots he really should have buried and, as a result, fans have gone on a mad one burning shirts with his name on the back.

A totally proportionate reaction… not.

Of course we know the fans actually burning their shirts with Lacazette on the back don’t actually care. They just want attention – and they’ve got it.

No actual Arsenal fan would do that. For one thing, they cost between £71 and £116 from the Arsenal store. Are these people made of money or something?


Or perhaps their parents bought them since the only people I can think of who would actually do this is children?

Lacazette’s 25 minutes on the pitch at Wembley was poor. However, the France striker also created two chances – almost as much as the entire team had (three) until that point.

Despite personally lacking composure in front of goal, Arsenal only really started attacking when Laca came on the pitch.

Plus, in spite of his own fans calling him a flop, the ex-Lyon striker has still scored nine goals and provided four assists during his first season in a new league in which he keeps getting benched by Arsene Wenger.

Laca’s confidence is at rock bottom so let’s all burn our shirts with his name on, that’ll help the problem.