This week, Leicester City agreed to pay the Football League £3.1m to settle a Financial Fair Play dispute, but Arsenal fans think the punishment wasn’t enough.

In 2013/14, the year Leicester gained promotion to the Premier League, they exceeded their permitted £8m loss by £12.8m.

The EFL statement on the matter said they don’t believe the club made a deliberate attempt to infringe the rules. As a result, instead of a transfer ban, the Football League only gave them a fine.

Arsenal fans clearly aren’t feeling quite so lenient though. Leicester famously won the league just a couple of seasons after their successful promotion, and Arsene Wenger’s side finished runners-up.

Some supporters cheekily suggested that perhaps the title should be handed down, considering the financial illegitimacy of the promotion:

Unfortunately, even if the EFL were planning to strip Leicester’s title away from them, that doesn’t necessarily mean Arsenal would pick it up instead.

In the Serie A, Juventus led a match fixing scandal back in 2004/05. They won the league that year, but were later stripped of their title. Rather than awarding the championship to the second-placed team, no one picked up the trophy.

Similarly in Ligue 1, Marseille’s 1992/93 title was stripped for the same reason, but Paris Saint-Germain didn’t pick it up instead, despite finishing second.

Although the Premier League has never had a similar situation, I think it’s safe to assume they’d deal with it in the same way.

I’m afraid it might be time to give up that dream of the 2015/16 league title at this point, even if it is our only chance of a trophy this season.