Arsenal fans have spoken and it seems that most of you want David Ospina to take over from Petr Cech as no.1.

Arsenal fans have done a complete 360 on Ospina after the 29-year-old saved a penalty late in his side’s Europa League clash away to Östersunds FK.

Although Arsene Wenger’s men were in complete control and won 3-0, keeping a clean sheet was definitely a bonus.

Considering Petr Cech has failed to save a single spot-kick since signing for Arsenal from Chelsea in 2015, fans were over-the-moon with Ospina’s effort to prevent the home side from scoring.

In fact, when we asked you guys on Twitter whether you would prefer the Colombian to replace Cech as no.1 for the time being, 53% of you said yes.

34% said no, you’d still rather have the 35-year-old between the sticks, mainly because fans have faith that he’ll mess up less than Ospina. He is the more experienced goalkeeper after all.

13% of you aren’t sure but believe Ospina deserves a run in the first team.

During Cech’s entire two-and-a-half years in red-and-white, he’s kept 43 clean sheets in 108 appearances. That means he’s kept a clean sheet during 39.8% of the games he’s played in.

Ospina, who signed from Nice in 2014, has kept 24 clean sheets in 60 appearances, which is 40% exactly.

This is only marginally better, Ospina has had fewer opportunities to mess up and also tends to get picked for the ‘easier’ games, such as the Carabao Cup. But there’s no denying Cech’s form isn’t great and hasn’t been since he left Chelsea.

This season, Cech’s kept 10 clean sheets in 29 games. 34.5%.

Ospina’s kept six in 11 game. 54.5%.

Maybe it really is time for Dave to step up as no.1?

If you listen closely, you can hear Wojciech Szczesny laughing his head off.

Here’s what Twitter had to say: