The latest Petr Cech error is yet another sign that he’s no longer a top goalkeeper.

Cech’s decline was expected, yet few thought it would happen this quickly.

He was signed to save Arsenal points during the season, yet he’s now costing us games with some calamitous errors.

His scuffed clearance in the 3-1 defeat to Swansea on Tuesday night was his fourth of the season.

Though it was his mistake that led to the goal, there were a number of other errors, as highlighted by this video from Twitter use @NathanAClark.

It all begins with Nacho Monreal opting to let the ball go out for a throw in instead of continue play.

In doing so, he invited Swansea to push up and press the defence.

Then, he puts Shkodran Mustafi in trouble by sending him backwards.

Mustafi plays the only pass that’s on for him instead of hoofing it clear, but Cech isn’t fully aware of the danger.

Suddenly pressed by multiple players, he rushes the clearances and makes poor contact.

This latest error was the 11th in Arsenal’s season.

Such a total is unacceptable for a team with aspirations of challenging for the Champions League places and beyond.

It’s resulted in a high number of conceded goals – more than we should be conceding.

Our xGA – that is, the number of goals we should be conceding based on the quality of chances we’ve given the opposition – is lower than the actual total.

That means we’ve either been unlucky, or our keeper is no longer capable of pulling out those outstanding saves.

The evidence against Cech is mounting. He’s simply no longer a top keeper.

The errors are just the most obvious pieces of evidence of that.