Petr Cech could become the first Premier League goalkeeper to keep 200 clean sheets on Friday.

Arsenal host Liverpool on Friday, which gives Cech the chance to set a massive clean sheet record.

If the 35-year-old manages to keep out Jurgen Klopp’s men, he’ll have kept 200 clean sheets in the Premier League, which is more than any other goalkeeper in history.

“Everybody speaks about Arsenal and not having defenders, the defence and this and that, but if you look at the table of the clean sheets then we are right there,” said Cech.

“We have played 18 games this season and we have nine clean sheets which is a pretty good ratio, I would say.

“A few weeks ago, I hoped that with so many games coming up before Christmas, that the Liverpool game would be the one where I could actually get the 200th so it’s going to plan.

“I am proud of the record and hopefully I can add as many as I can.”

200 clean sheets would be massive. However, considering the big guy has only kept 12 in 35 games against Liverpool and has conceded 43 goals, it’s not looking overly likely that this will happen on Friday.

Cech kept a massive chunk of his clean sheets during this 11 years at Chelsea. 166 to be exact. However, despite many viewing the shot-stopper as ‘past it’, the former Czech Republic international has managed to prevent Arsenal’s opposition from scoring 37 times during his 87 appearances.

(GLYN KIRK/AFP/Getty Images)

Cech has already overtake ex-Liverpool goalkeeper David James, who retired three years ago, by 30 clean sheets, and Joe Hart only has 122. Therefore, no one’s overtaking the 35-year-old any time soon. However, to reach 200 would be a massive personal achievement.

Cech’s got 18 months left on his Arsenal contract and much to most Gooners’ surprise, he’s expected to sign a new deal. In fact, according to the Telegraph, the Gunners are pretty laid back about the situation since they’re so confident that he’s staying.

As world class as Cech once was, and as much as he’s achieved, I think we do need some young(er) blood between the sticks soon.