Did you know that Mauricio Pochettino has only won one away game out of 17 played against the Premier League’s top six? Probably not.

Pochettino seems to be universally loved, especially by the British media, and this only intensified as he developed what has been sold as a young, inexperienced, raw Spurs team and into title contenders. Everyone loves a good, old-fashioned rags-to-riches story.

Therefore, it may surprise you to find out that Poch’ has only won once in 17 away matches against the top six.

Of course, that small fact doesn’t really play into the media’s narrative that Poch’ is the best manager to ever grace football, which is probably why it’s not been talked about more.

We hear about Jose Mourinho parking the bus and his terrible form on the road – and quite rightly – and the press won’t shut up about Arsene Wenger’s failure to beat top teams. Yet when media darling Pochettino fails to show up to big games, the journos go a bit quiet.

Of course, it should be said that it’s hardly surprising that even the best managers in the league have poor regards against the top six. The Premiership is massively competitive and the more successful teams are there for a reason.

It’d be nice if that was recognised and not held against certain managers over others.