Arsène Wenger thinks that Jack Wilshere is close to being back to his best, and believes the midfielder could be a regular fixture in the Arsenal side if he continues.

As we’re just approaching the end of an international break where Jack Wilshere wasn’t selected to join up with England, Wenger was inevitably asked about his future, and whether he’d need to leave the Gunners to get into the national side.


Wilshere has grown on the Arsenal fanbase in recent weeks. Supporters are obviously a bit hesitant to get too excited about the midfielder, given what’s happened in the past, however.

Injuries have disrupted his career so heavily that he hasn’t made 30 league appearances in a season since 2010/11, and even the 27 he made last season for Bournemouth is unmatched in every season other than that 2010/11 campaign.

Last season, as mentioned, Wilshere managed to put together a run of matches lasting most of the year. However, he still got injured at the end, and despite good performances, the lack of goals and assists were still a concern.

So far, though, the 25-year-old’s return to North London has been very encouraging, as Wenger clearly believes he’s playing better than last season. So far he hasn’t had any fitness set-backs. Hopefully he can continue to improve.