Premier League chief, Richard Scudamore, insists there won’t be a 4pm kick-off on Christmas Eve.

Scudamore has reassured the Football Supporters’ Federation (FSF) that there won’t be a 4pm kick-off on Christmas Eve this year.

The assurance comes amid speculation that Arsenal’s home clash against Liverpool will be moved back a day from 23 December. It was suspected that the Premier League match would kick-off at 4pm, meaning that fans traveling back to Merseyside on Christmas Eve run the risk of either getting home late or not making it back for Christmas Day at all.

Supporters from all Premier League clubs were against the fixture move and it appears that the Premier League has taken this on board. While it’s not been confirmed that there won’t be a match at all on Christmas Eve, it now seems less likely and, if there is one, it’ll be an early kick-off.

The December fixtures are set to be confirmed once and for all by 19 October but the Christmas matches could take another week. They have to give at least six week’s notice.

Scudamore also committed to no more Sunday morning or evening kick-offs with more Bank Holiday and mid-week matches being broadcast on TV.