A Chilean newspaper today published quotes from Jorge Sampaoli claiming that Alexis Sanchez doesn’t talk to anyone.

The comments were made by Sampaoli back in 2015, when he was still in charge of the Chile team. As well as making claims about Arturo Vidal having a drinking problem, and Eduardo Vargas being worse every time he plays for Chile, Sampaoli reportedly said of Alexis (via AS): “He wakes up with his headphones on and sits alone for breakfast, not talking to anyone.”

Perhaps it should be no surprise that Alexis isn’t always the life of the party, given he seems to spend most of his time in London either working out or updating his Instagram with new pictures of his dogs. This summer the Chilean spent his holiday with his new girlfriend Mayte Rodriguez, but until Rodriguez came along Alexis seemed to be relatively quiet in the relationship department as well.

There’s nothing wrong with Alexis being a bit quiet from time-to-time though. As long as he’s communicating on the pitch and in training, and is friendly with the other players, it doesn’t particularly matter if he likes some time to himself.

The only problem would come if there was some other reason behind his silence, such as a rift with team members.

Luckily that doesn’t seem to be the case at Arsenal, or at least if it is, we haven’t heard anything about it.