Kenny Dalglish thinks that Arsenal are the only one of the big six Premier League teams who haven’t improved in the last few years.

Dalglish told the Daily Mail: “The days when one team wins everything in the Premier League are gone. You’ll always have five or six in there and success will move about.

“You have the Manchester teams, Chelsea, Liverpool, Tottenham; apart from Arsenal all the teams are stronger than a few years ago.”

In my opinion, the former Liverpool forward must be wearing rose-tinted glasses looking at his old club, if he thinks that’s the case. In the past few years, Arsenal have gone from almost a decade without a trophy to three FA Cups and three Community Shields.

The Gunners have failed to qualify for the Champions League, but I’d argue that’s due to the strength of some of the other English teams, rather than Arsenal getting worse.

I guess I could agree that Arsenal haven’t improved as significantly as the others, but I certainly wouldn’t put Liverpool in the bracket of teams that have.

Liverpool have gone from title challengers under Brendan Rodgers, to a team that celebrates Champions League qualification in the very same way they used to mock Arsenal for doing.

Three years ago, Liverpool finished second in the Premier League. In 2015/16, they finished as runners-up in the League Cup. Last year, Liverpool managed neither of those things, and scraped into the Champions League by one point.

Now they sit bottom of the big six teams in the Premier League, out of the League Cup by October and performing the worst in Europe by far, with no wins at all.

For me, if Arsenal haven’t improved, Liverpool haven’t either.