Former Arsenal goalkeeper David Seaman believes that the Alexis Sanchez fee is agreed with Manchester City, and only personal terms remain, calling the saga “saddening”.

Alan Brazil initially made the claim on the basis of reports that a delegation from Manchester City have gone out to Chile, where Alexis is away on international duty. He said on talkSPORT via the Express: “If what we hear is true that a delegation from Manchester City have gone out there, that tells me the clubs have agreed a price. It’s just personal terms now.”

David Seaman was in agreement, saying: “Yeah it does look like that. It’s saddening but the only thing I can say is hopefully Arsene’s got some signings under his sleeve that no one has heard of yet.”

The two former players seem to be making a bit of a logical leap here. Although it does seem to be the case that a Manchester City delegation is ready to perform any medical tests and sign any contracts with Alexis if a deal is done, that doesn’t mean the transfer is complete. Far from it.

From a Manchester City standpoint, they don’t want to be left in a situation where a fee is agreed but they miss out on the player just because they didn’t have anyone in the country. That would be embarrassing for them.

They need to be prepared if City and Arsenal can agree terms, given they only have one day to procure his signature before the summer transfer window shuts.