Former England cricketer Kevin Pieterson has urged Arsenal fans to drive Stan Kroenke out of the club after unveiling of a hunting channel.

Plenty of people have expressed their outrage at the unveiling of My Outdoor TV, which has programming showing people hunting defenceless animals. The channel is owned by a subsidiary Kroenke Sports and Entertainment.

Former England cricketer Kevin Pieterson, who is raising awareness about illegal poaching in South Africa, has added his own criticism and has urged Arsenal supporters to drive Stan Kroenke out of the club.

“I find it sickening that anyone could want to endanger these animals whatsoever, but for someone to turn it into a TV show for entertainment absolutely boils my blood,” Pietersen said, as reported by the Independent.

“The guy, and those who contribute and support those practices, are scum. Enough is enough. These stunning animals are being slaughtered to the point of extinction and for anyone to celebrate it is absolutely repugnant.

“I’ve had so many messages from Arsenal fans telling me they hate him as much as anyone, so if that’s the case, he has to be driven out. I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t want this person representing something I love.”

Arsenal fans don’t exactly need a reason to want to drive Stan Kroenke out of the club. However, for something like this, the outrage has to be genuine and not engineered as an excuse to protest against Kroenke.

Although Kroenke owns Arsenal, the Gunners have very little to do with this channel. People will need to direct their anger to the right people and not drag the club into the entire mess. Reaction to the news of the channel has been largely negative and isn’t likely to go away, but there’s been no comment from Kroenke as things stand.

This is the last thing Arsenal needed with the new season less than two weeks away, as now many supporters are demanding action against the majority shareholder. The ensuring protests could prove to be distracting as the 2017/18 campaign kicks off and Arsenal being thrusted into the media spotlight for his story will be unwanted.