Hector Bellerin has made the top 20 list for most Premier League minutes amassed for an under-23 player last season.

  • Sunderland offered the most minutes to players under the age of 23
  • Manchester City, Liverpool and Chelsea offered less than Arsenal
  • Tottenham and Manchester United offered more

22-year-old Bellerin made 42 appearances over all competitions for Arsenal last season, despite being sidelined for a total of 43 days through injury.

The right-back’s time on the pitch totaled 2,498 minutes – the sixth most in the Premier League.

Arsenal gave under-23 players a total of 9,089 minutes on the pitch last season, which was more than Manchester City (7,567), Liverpool (5,030), and Chelsea, who only gave their under-23 players a combined 865 minutes on the pitch.

Above Arsenal in fifth were Southampton, who gave their under-23 players 9,908 minutes on the pitch, and Nathan Redmond the most (2,905).

Everton were fourth, giving theirs 10,367. I probably don’t need to tell you that Romelu Lukaku was given the most amount of time on the pitch out of all their young players: 3,267 minutes.

Manchester United gave their youngsters 10,774 minutes, with mega-signing Paul Pogba racking up 2,609 minutes. Presumably, this was before he turned 24 on 15 March…

Tottenham gave their under-23 players a huge chance with their time adding up to 12,089 minutes. Dele Alli racked up 3,044 minutes alone.

Interestingly, Sunderland gave their young players the most time on the pitch – 12,657 minutes – with former Arsenal target, Everton’s new goalkeeper, Jordan Pickford, picking up the most: 2,610.