The two main Catalan newspapers have forged a cunning €25m plan to help Barcelona bring Bellerin to the Camp Nou.

The Spanish newspapers often provide much amusement to their readers, but this time it looks like they’ve outdone themselves.

The two Catalan newspapers have each forged their own plans regarding how Barcelona can bring Hector Bellerin back to Camp Nou as cheaply as possible.

The first plan consists of Bellerin making a deal with Barcelona where he will persuade Arsene Wenger to make the move smooth and not cause a fuss. But before any talking happens, Barcelona will send a ‘fair’ offer and then with Bellerin’s influence, the deal would be completed quickly and without much negotiating.


The other plan is quite different as it judges an offer of €40m too high and believe that Arsenal would surely drag it up to €60m. So, in order to prevent paying a fair market price, they suggest offering a significantly lower sum, €25m to be exact, and by doing so, lowering Arsenal’s expectations.

Quite a cunning plan I must admit.

I wonder why no-one at Manchester United thought of that last summer when they paid €100m for Pogba, or when Real Madrid bought Bale from Tottenham for a similar sum.

I guess not everyone can be as cunning as Spanish journalists…